Asset Protection With Scott Smith


Scott Smith, founder of Royal Legal Solutions, a boutique law firm that helps real estate investors set up their legal entities early on and protect their assets.


On our show this week, he gives some great advice on how to hire the right professional to advise you on your real estate investments and how to place your assets in an LLC the smart (and unexpected) way. As a real estate investor himself, he has the ability to strategize, compartmentalize and structure legal entities appropriately. Scott warns: there are certain situations in which insurance just won’t protect you! It’s important to use the right entity structure to safeguard yourself.

Scott tells all -- Step by step how to safeguard your property and all of the benefits of the different entities.


Top 10

-Asset Protection

-Law School

-Attorneys who struggle in business



-Wealth building

-Scarcity mentality

-Series LLC


-And much more



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Royal Legal Solutions



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