How do you find top real estate agents who are willing to negotiate a real estate rebate?

You have essentially two options for negotiating this deal.

1-on-1 negotiation (the hard way)

If you have already found an agent or set of agents who you enjoy working with, all you need to do is inquire with them about the possibility of receiving a discount. However, in the realm of bargaining, you are required to give something up in order to obtain something. You can let them know that you'll be doing most of the house hunting on your own and that you're hiring them primarily for their advice and extensive experience in negotiating deals.

You might also attempt playing hardball by contacting multiple agents and bringing up the possibility of receiving a rebate. When you receive interested responses from agents, you can let them know that you will work with whichever agency can offer you the best rebate deal. However, this may cause tension between you and the agent with whom you hope to collaborate.

So what’s a better alternative?

Use a service that has agents compete 

If you use the service that we provide here at Realiff, top agents who are eager to offer their services will compete to work for you. We did preliminary research on seasoned area agents, read evaluations of many of them, and then met many of them in person. You may quickly select the city you want to search in, as well as the price range you are interested in, and then compare the offerings of multiple excellent real estate agents.

No awkward negotiations. We will keep your information confidential until you select an agent, at which time you will be able to observe in detail how the commission is distributed, as well as get financial savings. You are free to conduct in-depth interviews with any agents that you might be interested in hiring.

Even if a Realiff partner agent does not provide you with a rebate in the price range you are searching for, you may still be eligible for a discount of up to 2% if you use Realiff.

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