How can a smart office help your business now?

With the advancement of technology, an intelligent office has become a must-have solution for today’s enterprises. We’ve already touched a little bit on the requirements for a smart office in one of our articles.

So this time let’s take a look at what parts of the business can be made more efficient through the various elements of a smart office.


Daily Environment Management

The smart office can eliminate or reduce human involvement in office workspace management through the use of interconnected smart devices that achieve synergy between comfort, efficiency, and security. 

For example, when a smart office system is connected to a lighting system, it is able to sense the environment through sensors and select whether or not lighting is required. Cost savings can be achieved and some can even control the color of the lighting to change the atmosphere of the working environment at any time.

The temperature in the office can also be adjusted by installing a thermostat that works all day long. By connecting to the IoT infrastructure, employees can also control the temperature on a tablet installed at the front of the room, or on an app on their own mobile phone. The room temperature can be adjusted. 

By making meeting rooms intelligent, it is easier to plan and increase the feasibility of scheduling meetings. This means that staff can reserve the most suitable room for a meeting, book the equipment they need and contact all participants remotely.

All of this is no longer done by phone or by secretarial appointment, but simply by pressing a few buttons on a mobile phone. For managers, this also means that they can carry out real-time checks to ensure that rooms and facilities are being used as they should be. 

Safe working environment

A workplace that is tightly interconnected with technology can enhance the security of an enterprise in a variety of ways. For example, office facilities such as rooms have to be reserved through a system before they can be used. Before using a reserved room, a person is unlocked by logging into the machine and verifying their identity with their employee card. 

Visitor control in the office can also be implemented through the smart office system. Some visitor management functions can send invitation emails to visitors in advance. This allows the administrator to know who the visitor is when they arrive and to notify the relevant colleagues through mobile notifications.

The system is also able to print out an ID with a QR code in real-time for visitors to authenticate their identity in a pre-defined way. This enables them to use the facilities of the office within their own premises. This enables them to make themselves at home and prevent visitors from misusing other facilities under an automated system. 

Service and Equipment Maintenance

There are many daily office services that need to be contacted and followed up on, such as equipment preparation, refreshments, cleaning, partition adjustment, facility maintenance, etc. Some smart office systems have service and support functions that provide contact channels to help staff contact relevant people for follow-up. 

All staff needs to do is to report on their mobile phones or select the services they need when booking facilities. They should follow up on the items. Some devices can also have their own inspection devices that, when integrated with the system, can also detect faults and alert you before they become a problem. This allows you to fix problems before they get worse and saves you the costly cost of replacement. 

The smart office system can also introduce service progress listings, post-event data analysis, etc., which enables the management to keep track of the office’s performance. This ensures that staff can fully utilize the office facilities.ONES Software now has a dedicated page to introduce a series of smart office measures to help you solve problems. You may wish to go to for further reference.

How can a smart office help your business now?
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