First questions to ask any agent during an interview

1. Is it possible for me to see your real estate license?

This short inquiry assures that you're working with a qualified and accredited expert. No professional agent will be hesitant to offer you proof of their ability to sell in your area.

2. Do you have a list of people who can refer you?

Every agent should bring references to their initial meeting. Inquire about them if they aren't included in the listing presentation. If an agent can't provide you with a list of clients to call, be skeptical.

3. When and how often are you available?

How quickly can they show you a great house when it comes on the market? If your buyer's agent is only available on weekends and you reside in a seller's market, the house may be sold before you even get a chance to go inside. A good real estate agentis one who devotes sufficient time to providing excellent service to their clients.

4. What is the current number of clients you represent?

Inquire about the number and types of clients the agent serves. If you're selling, you'll want to hire a listing agent. If you're buying, you'll want someone you trust to represent you professionally. Many agents represent both buyers and sellers, so knowing their current mix is useful.

5. How long have you worked as a real estate agent?

If an agent has years of experience in your area, your home will most likely sell quickly. It is not a deal breaker, though, if they are newer and have excellent referrals.

6. What is the structure of your fees?

A split commissionis used by listing agents. When a seller pays a listing agency a 6% commission, that agent usually splits the commission with the agent who brought the buyer to the house. You shouldn't have to worry about commissions if you're a buyer.

7. Have you ever had a deal go bad, and how did you handle it?

You want to deal with an agent who can think quickly on their feet and knows what to do if something goes wrong.

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