California First-Time Home Buyer Tips

So you want to buy your first house in the lovely state of California? Whether you are just starting your house search or have been looking for a long, Realiff can help you save hundreds of dollars on a Realtor today!


1. Begin by visiting open houses: 

Instead of doing all the arithmetic and stressing yourself out, consider attending open houses on weekends to get a sense of what's going on in the market. Not sure where to begin? An expert local agent can assist you in curating listings. The goal is to locate one who works well with you and whom you can trust to represent you, the buyer.

2. Consult with your friends and relatives

we believe in gathering as much information as possible from friends and relatives who have gone through the home-buying process. Just keep in mind that it's just a beginning point, and you'll eventually want guidance from expert real estate agents, such as the ones you can connect with here on Realiff.

3. Find a real estate agent

There are do-it-yourselfers who like to search for properties on the Internet, and others who prefer to work with full-service real estate agents. In either scenario, a real estate agent may always be of assistance. The best part is that as a buyer, you pay no commissions. Almost always, the seller will pay the buyer's real estate agent commission fees.

4. Buying vs. Renting

Make certain that purchasing makes financial sense. Renting rather than buying makes sense in some cities.

5. Keep an eye out for foreclosures and short sales:

 Foreclosed properties or short sales may offer some of the best deals, but buyers beware. There are numerous specific conditions associated with these types of residences, and it may take 6 months and still not work out. Again, it may or may not work for you; consult a real estate agent on these types of difficult deals before bidding on one.

6. Get Pre-Qualified

It is best to determine how much house you can afford. It's also as simple as visiting your local bank branch and speaking with a mortgage professional. However, getting pre-qualified isn't enough in this ultra-competitive market. By taking the next step and getting pre-approved, you show realtors that you are serious about purchasing a home, which motivates them to work even harder to locate you the home of your dreams. Learn the distinction between being pre-qualified and being pre-approved.

7. Shop around for your Mortgage

There are numerous websites available to assist you in obtaining a mortgage. Ask your realtor for recommendations, or check online at sites like

Realiff Can Help

If you need assistance with your real estate transaction, Realiff is a free service that connects home sellers and buyers with the best real estate professionals in their area. You can compare various agents in your region using the Realiff platform, which allows you to compare reviews, commission rates, recent sales, and other factors.

Our network agents have been thoroughly screened and frequently provide Realiff consumers with reasonable, lower-than-average commission rates. There is no obligation to work with one of our network Realtors, but why wouldn't you when you might save thousands on commission? 

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