How Kevin Kauffman Expanded Into 4 Different States

Every broker or team leader dreams of expanding their team nationally one day. But what’s the difference between a small team and a business that operates all over the country? What kind of lead generation tactics do they use? What kind of people does it take to play in another league? In this episode, Kevin L Kauffman talks about how to make the right hires, why you shouldn’t go crazy with buying leads, and how you can generate leads for free.

Get in business with the right people first and the rest will take care of itself. -Kevin L Kauffman

Three Things We Learned

Get in business with the right people

The real estate industry is constantly changing. Being in business with the right people is one of the things that will help you withstand any market shift. What matters is finding motivated people of character; everything else can be taught if motivation and character are already there.

Don’t purchase leads you can’t follow up with

The highest conversion rates will always come from sources such as a referrals or past clients. The more time you spend on a lead, the more likely you are to convert. Purchasing leads online is a waste of time if you don’t have the tools and resources for a quick follow-up.

How to generate leads for free

One of the best ways to generate leads without paying for them is to interact daily with 5 people in your database and 5 people you would like to include in your database. You shouldn't ask about selling or buying real estate. Just become part of their sphere, and when they are in need of help, they’ll contact you, not an agent who they barely know.

Leveraging relationships both with agents and people in your database is the one of the safest paths to success. The highest conversion rates come from the people you know personally and you interact regularly with, as you don’t have to work to gain their trust. If you contact 5 people from your database and 5 people outside it, and have a few meaningful conversations with each of them, you won’t have to worry getting enough referrals or warm leads in the future.

Guest Bio

Kevin Kauffman is the CEO of Group 46:10 Network, a real estate company active in 4 states in North America. In his 10 years of experience in real estate, he learned the ins and outs of the industry and shared his strategies and knowledge via speaking events and coaching. Kevin is now offering coaching for team leaders and brokers who want to take their business to next level just like he did years ago.

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