Michelle Berman Returns! 5 Things You Can Do Today to Build a Hyper-Local Following And Become the "Go-To" Agent In Your Area

The best way to differentiate ourselves in our marketing is by creating hyperlocal content. That being said, as most agents would agree, that can be easier said than done.


How can we create the kind of social media content that positions us as the local experts in our markets? Does a quick fix in this area even exist?


In this episode, creator of the Instagram Power Method course, Michelle Berman returns to share how to create and maintain a hyperlocal presence on social media. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to use hashtags (and actually see results!) Let's face it: hashtags can be a little intimidating. How should we be using them to build a bigger audience amongst the people in our local markets? 


  • How to engage with our local communities online How can we ensure we're really connecting with our market on a deeper level? 


  • When to follow back (and when it's a better idea NOT to) Who should we be following on Instagram? Does engagement require us to follow back, or is that a bad idea?


Guest Bio


Michelle Berman is the CEO of Berman Media PD, AKA the Rolls Royce of Instagram Marketing. The creator behind the Instagram Power Method Course, Michelle is a nationally acclaimed Instagram Coach, passionate about taking out the guesswork of successful Instagram strategies for real estate and mortgage pros, so they can take their social media game to a whole new level.


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