Using Video Marketing Outside of Social Media w/Lisa B

By now, we’re all aware video is the most popular content on social media. However, what we might not know is that the massive benefits of using video don’t need to be limited to Facebook and Instagram. People respond to video in a ton of different spaces, and if we can learn how to incorporate it into every aspect of our marketing, we’ll see huge results. How can we start using video in the ways our competitors aren’t? Aside from the traditional platforms, how should we be sharing video content with current clients, prospective leads, and everyone in between? In this episode, multiple best selling author and master trainer and coach, Lisa B shares how to take advantage of everything video has to offer. 


If you’re nervous about being on camera, set yourself up so you’re comfortable. The most important thing is to start! -Lisa B


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

How to ensure our videos get as many eyeballs as possible: Repurposing content is key, so don’t stop at sharing videos to one platform. We should be putting our videos onto our websites, using them in our offices, and giving them to clients, leads, and vendors on memory sticks. 

How to use video to introduce our teams: Let’s face it, long-winded, typed out staff profiles can be boring. Use video to let agents introduce themselves in their own words, all while keeping the audience more engaged. 

Why we should be using video testimonials: People are more likely to work with us when they know we’ve helped people with similar needs and wants as them in the past. Ask a wide range of past clients to document their positive experiences with us and share them with leads via email.




Guest Bio

Lisa B is a real estate coach, trainer, and speaker. With over 2 decades in the real estate industry, Lisa is passionate about helping agents overcome objections to Auctions, Open Houses, Vendor Paid Advertising, and virtually anything else thrown their way. Lisa is also the author of 6 books including Secret Agents: How the Top Real Estate Agents List More, Sell More & Dominate the Market!, And Real Estate Agents: What You Need to Know Now! Lisa is also the host of the Let’s Talk Real Estate Podcast and The Lisa B Show Podcast. 


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