Earthquake Home Insurance In California

One of the most important things home buyers in California should consider is earthquake home insurance.

Buying "Earthquake Home Insurance" is not mandatory in California, but getting it when an earthquake occurs is very helpful to the homeowner.

Earthquakes are a disaster that is not covered by home insurance in California and must be purchased separately.

This insurance is sold only in the state of California and all insurance companies receive a price for this insurance, which means that it does not matter from which earthquake insurance company you buy.

The most important thing to buy "earthquake insurance" is the amount of deductibles. Unfortunately, many insurance sellers do not explain this to the buyer of earthquake insurance and under the pretext that the premium, the insured is cheaper, offer deductions with a high percentage of 20%. The method of calculating these deductions is as follows: for example, if the price of the house is 500,000 and the deductions are 20% for earthquake insurance, in the event of an earthquake, the owner pays 20% of this $ 500,000, or 100,000, and if the damage is more than that, The insurance company pays the rest.

You need to be very careful when buying earthquake insurance and reduce the amount of deductibles. The minimum deductible in the state of California is 5%.

Try to make a list of all your home appliances and take photos and videos and store these photos and videos in the virtual space (cloud) so that in the event of an earthquake you can prove to the insurance company that you have these appliances and get your damages.