Bernice Ross Returns! 7 Top Tips To Help You Up Your Marketing Game in 2022 (Without Breaking the Bank!)

The market has faced an unprecedented over-demand this year, and as agents, we need to think about how we’ll take advantage of that, going forward. 


How can we position ourselves as the #1 agent in our markets, so when consumers even think about a transaction, we’re the first real estate pros to spring to mind? Is there a way to do that without forking out a ton of cash?


In this episode, CEO of and industry legend, Bernice Ross returns to share the 7 things we can do to market our listings at a low cost (or no cost!) in 2022. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to use Facebook to create a living business card for your listings Single property websites have been around for years, so what’s stopping us from creating Facebook business pages for each of our listings?


  • 1 clever, contemporary way to get leads Thanks to nearly everything going touchless because of Covid, everyone knows how to use a QR code. How can we leverage that as part of our marketing? 


  • How to build a bigger following and position ourselves as local experts How can we take video testimonials about our local markets to a whole new level?


Guest Bio


Bernice Ross is the CEO of An industry legend with over 30 years of experience, Bernice is a Master Certified Coach, passionate about helping agents realize their full potential. She is also an author of more than 1300 published articles on Inman News, as well as 7 books- most recently, Lead Great Virtual Meetings: The Steps You Need to Succeed. Bernice holds an MA in English from UCLA and a PhD in Educational Psychology from USC. 


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