What Agents Should be Doing Right Now w/Michael Hellickson

While the early days of the pandemic were filled with widespread panic, many agents have been pleasantly surprised by the impact COVID-19 has had on our industry. Since being deemed an essential service, some of us have not only stayed afloat-  we’re seeing better results than ever before. 

However, this isn’t our new normal just yet. The state we’re in now is only temporary, so we can’t afford to get complacent. 

Where should we be focusing our energies now, and what should we be avoiding at all costs? How will the steps we take today impact our businesses in the near future? 

In this episode, host of the ClubWealth®️ TV Podcast, Michael Hellickson joins us to talk about what agents should be doing to have stability and keep growing when the market ultimately shifts. 

We’ve gotten back to a pseudo-normal, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. -Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How financial stability boosts our innovation: It’s tough to creatively pursue exciting opportunities when we’re living paycheck-to-paycheck. Stockpiling cash gives us the freedom, stability, and mental space to think outside the box and reach new heights. 


Why now is the time to recruit top talent: With so many talented people losing their jobs, there’s never been a better time to onboard highly skilled people. That said, we do have to ensure we have the cash and resources to take advantage of this opportunity. 


The biggest mistake agents need to avoid in times of crisis: It’s normal to want to cut costs when cash is tight, but we have to be mindful of where we curb our expenses. Bailing on zip codes and not paying for lead sources may give us temporary relief but will only cause a loss of pipeline, future income, and agents in the long-term.



Guest Bio

Michael Hellickson is the Founder and CEO of Club Wealth®️, the #1 Coaching Company in the World in the Team space. Having started his career in real estate before even graduating high school, Michael has over two decades of experience. He is also considered by most to be the #1 short sale expert in the world. Throughout his career, Michael has been featured on several national television radio programs, including among others The Dave Ramsey Show and The Fox Business Network. Michael is passionate about sharing top tips with agents, and is also the host of the ClubWealth®️ TV podcast. 


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