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微信: Peggyay2020 Peggy’s tremendous passion for real estate, coupled with her meticulous data-driven approach, produces outstanding results for her clients. Building on her strong sales and marketing management background at Microsoft, she prides herself on giving highly precise market insights, leveraged by targeted market data, to generate the best possible outcome for buyers and sellers in today’s market. Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced real estate investor, Peggy understands that buying or selling a property is never an easy undertaking. She promises to make the process as seamless as possible, paving a smooth road from beginning to end for a successful closing. By anticipating potential issues, she offers effective solutions when problems arise, ensuring a worry-free and rewarding real estate experience. Peggy’s clients applaud her for being always resourceful and responsive. When she’s not attending to their real estate needs, Peggy travels to Hong Kong and China to see family and friends and build new connections. She also enjoys spending time exploring the Puget Sound islands and cooking new recipes at home.  Peggy speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.  She and her husband have been residing in Bellevue for the past 20+ years. 在香港土生土长,欧陽慧芝曾在微软公司担任亚洲区高级经理多年,管理遍布在亚洲区的业务。她把从香港中文大学获取的工商管理硕士学历,以及在国际商务方面的丰富经验带到冯德堡房地产,主力为华人客户服务。 在西雅图工作生活二十多年,她对当地的学习环境和各区的房屋也相當了解。大西雅图东区的贝尔维尤、麦地那、克莱德山、柯克兰、雷德蒙德、伍丁维尔、瑟马米什和伊瑟阔,以及西雅图市中心等,都是她熟悉的区域。欧阳精通粤语、普通话和英语,并深深了解在美国读书工作移民买卖房子碰到的各种生活问题,她承诺以尊业、诚懇、友善之态度,竭尽所能为客户提供最周详的服务。闲时,她喜欢探索在普吉特湾不同的岛屿及到贝克山脉远足。 Client Testimonials Scroll down for more ★★★★★" “Peggy is absolutely wonderful to work with. It’s like having a friend on the “inside” that is working for you. She explained everything in a way that was easy to understand during the whole home buying experience. She also makes sure we are comfortable in signing any document throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Peggy to anyone looking to do any Real Estate Transaction." - The Xie Family ★★★★★" “Peggy is amazing. She is very reliable and detail oriented. She showed her professionalism in every step and made sure we are having a smooth closing. Every time we ask her question, she always has quick turnaround. We would definitely recommend her. " - The Cai Family ★★★★★" “这是我第二次与冯德堡团队的Peggy女士合作。我在中国北京,很难得在疫情期间有了她的帮助使我们少走了很多弯路。短时间很顺利买到了心意的房屋,她很注重每一个细节,给我们提供了很大的帮助。Peggy女士用实际行动将贵公司的“品质服务”诠释的十分到位,体现了冯德堡团队优良职业操守。 对此;我非常感谢Peggy女士、希望有机会再次合作!”" - 张女士 ★★★★★" As home owners, we appreciate having Peggy as our agent! Under this special & difficult COVID-19 time, she had really put her heart into helping us with selling and closing our house. As we are out of State home owners, it is especially important. Thank you Peggy! " - The Li Family ★★★★★" Our friend recommended Peggy to us a few years ago when we planned to buy a property in the Greater Seattle area. Over the years, Peggy has provided us with a lot of advice and assistance. This year she helped us successfully purchase a new condo in downtown Bellevue. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Peggy continues to provide us with quality service so that we can have a smooth closing. Thank you very much Peggy for her patience and professional service! We highly recommend her! " - Mr. Zhong ★★★★★" 我们几年前开始准备在大西雅图地区购房时经朋友介绍认识了Peggy。几年的交往,Peggy为我们提供了很多的建议和帮助。这次成功购买了Bellevue市区的新建Condo,期间经历了COVID-19疫情,Peggy一如既往地为我们提供了优质的服务。非常感谢Peggy的耐心,专业的服务!我们强力推荐她! " - 钟先生 ★★★★★"We hired VDB Compass team for our recent real estate transaction and are very happy with their service. We would highly recommend them as your real estate resource.   The VDB team under Mark and Peggy’s leadership is resourceful, professional, and personable. We were introduced to the whole team soon after we approached Peggy with our listing request. The team members are upbeat and friendly. During the near six-month process, we encountered with various team members from photographers to marketing staff to director of operation, and every one of them was knowledgeable, positive, and extended us with excellent customer service. Mark and Peggy visited our home earlier on. They are both great listeners and are willing to hear our needs and concerns. They provided us with excellent advice based on their local market expertise and insights. They spent time answering our questions and providing objective data patiently.   Our realtor Peggy Au-Yeung has been there with us every step of the way. From connecting us to staging company to a general contractor to the cleaning staff, her guidance and support were instrumental during the whole process.  She has always answered every phone call or email or wechat message in a timely manner. Her professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. When issues arise during the negotiation and closing process, Peggy was always responsive, calm, pro-active on communication, and went beyond her ways to help us keep the transaction moving along. Peggy is also incredibly personable. On top of being exceptionally good at her job, she felt like a trustworthy and resourceful friend and is a pleasure to work with.   We are grateful for the wonderful experience with VDB Compass team and have recommended and will continue to recommend them to our friends and families. " - The Sun Family ★★★★★" 我们在选择房产经纪的时候咨询了很多公司和朋友,朋友向我们强烈推荐了Peggy经纪。经过一段时间的接触,她的专业、认真和负责打动了我们,最终选择了与贵公司合作。很感谢她为我们找到了符合我们需求的房子,我们一眼就相中了这间房子。之后的沟通和谈判中,她都给我们很专业的建议,既保护了我们的利益,也为我们争取到最大了利益。以至于能达成最后的成交。不论什么问题找到她,她都及时的给我们回复,这让我们很希望下次还有机会和她合作。再次感谢你们的帮助! " - 李太 ★★★★★" I am honored to work with the VDB/Compass real estate team. Peggy is a very enthusiastic agent, she is highly efficient in what she does, which is very helpful in times of urgency. Whether it's Staging bids or offers, I got a lot of great advice from Peggy. Towards the end just before closing, I encountered a very unexpected circumstance regarding my property, Peggy was very calm and professional in handling the whole situation. She timely researched relevant information and came up with resolution options, helped me rationally analyze the pros and cons of each, eventually I was able to resolve the differences and came to a successful closing. Thank you very much for her great efforts & contribution! " - Mr. Lin ★★★★★“很荣幸和冯德堡房地产团队合作,Peggy是位非常热心的经纪人,她的执行力很高,这在时间紧 迫的情况下非常有帮助。无论是宅装还是Offer价格的撮合,我都从Peggy那里得到了很多建议。 而特别是,我的房子在交收之前遇到了一些特殊情况,Peggy表现得很冷静,及时的查找相关资 料,帮我理性的分析利弊得失,解决了分歧。感谢她的付出。 " - 林先生 ★★★★★"Thank you very much Peggy & Mark, and your entire team for your efforts during the sales process! To decide which agents to hire, we interviewed several companies. We made our final decision based on the scale efficiency of your operation and the effectiveness of communication between us. We were impressed by both of you from the very first time we met and we finally chose you as our agents. We are very glad that we made the right decision - from the beginning of Staging, to the final negotiations with the buyers, you are very professional and always go for the extra mile for us. There are weekly open houses, and the timely updates of the market situation & detailed showing info like the number of people come to see the house, who demonstrates higher interests and are likely buyer prospects, etc. And finally when we receive offers, you relentlessly strive to maximize our interests. Our house is expected to close in the next few days. Thank you again for your help! " -Mr. & Mrs. Jin ★★★★★"非常感谢Mark和Peggy,还有贵司的其它人员在销售过程中所作的努力! 我们在选择地产经纪的时候,考察了几家公司。从公司的规模以及双方的沟 通方面考量,最终选择了你们公司作为销售经纪,我们现在非常庆幸当时选 择了你们。从一开始的室内家具布置,到最后和买方的谈判,你们表现得非 常专业,尽心尽力。每个星期都有open house, 每星期都会给我们更新简报, 有多少人来看房,有哪些客户比较感兴趣,这样我们就能及时了解房子的销 售进展状况。而且有买家的时候,你们能够积极争取我们的利益最大化。过 几天我的房子预计就可以closing了,再次感谢你们的帮助! " - 金先生、金太 ★★★★★"谢谢Mark和欧阳慧芝的帮忙,让我在几天之内顺利将物业售出。Mark的经验,和你们团队的专 业知识,是一个超棒的组合!以后有需要,一定再找你们!谢谢! " -韦太 ★★★★★"今年我委托冯德堡房地产公司把我在 Bellevue 市中心的两所公寓上市出售。很 快速地这两个单位在 1 - 2 周内顺利上市。第二个公寓更在上市一周后签了买 卖合约及最后全价售出!我很欣赏冯德堡总裁的慷慨,给我的公寓做专业布 置及补润墙壁上的漆油,加上在无数网站上做广告大力宣传;并有欧阳慧芝 国际业务总监提供中文服务和跟进。 欧阳慧芝总监博学多才,态度好,做事尽力,假期假日随时随地也都可以联 络到她。有什么疑问或问题,她都会迅速地联络上冯德堡总裁去讨论。寻求 解答。现我这两所公寓已迅速卖出。多谢他们的协助! "-朱太 ★★★★★""Peggy is meticulous, has principles and very responsible." “Peggy服务细致周到,非常有原則、有责任心。” " -黄小姐 (Ms. Huang) ★★★★★"你们公司是一家很专业和有服务精神的地产中介机构。从最初对房子的估价,给的维修建议,对 房子上市前维修的跟踪,让我们省了不少时间和精力。在销售过程中,你们有专业的推广活动, 杂志推广,每次活动也有记录,有客户跟进,让我们了解到你们工作的进程。在销售成交后,有 专人跟进交易细节,让我们觉得省心、放心。谢谢你们! " - 梁先生、梁太 ★★★★★" 冯徳堡地产是具有丰富经验的房地产中介公司,他们不仅对本地区的房产资 源非常了解,而且因为有可以讲国语和广东话的人员,丰富的经验加上语 言、文化的优势让客人更快更准地找到自己想要的房源!同时他们还为客户 提供了后续一系列的跟踪服务。冯徳堡是一家可以信赖的房地产中介公司 " -王小姐
Languages: English
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