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Lonnie Shapiro
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Meet Lonnie Shapiro

Lonnie has been a professional Real Estate Agent in Ridgefield and Redding, Connecticut for over 35 years. She is recognized as a top producing real estate sales professional for many years. She has a success record few can match. "I am passionate about what I do. Let me put my passion to work for you." Call or email today.

Biography • Professional Real Estate Agent since 1973 • #1 Agent of the Ridgefield Office 2011-Present • Realtor Emeritus 2015 • "Manager of the Year", William Pitt Real Estate, 1994 • Senior Manager and Vice President from 1990-1996 • "Realtor of the Year", Ridgefield, CT, 1991 • President of Ridgefield, CT Board of Realtors, 1989

Ever since going back to sales in 1996, I re-invented myself into a techno savvy realtor and Top Producer. I have been with Coldwell-Banker since 2009. I am also a "Realtor Emertus" which means I have lots and lots of experience and have been a Realtor for 40+ years.

Three words come to my client's mind when you ask, 'Who is Lonnie Shapiro?'; the words are 'Respected', 'Recommended' and 'Recognized'.

· Respected by clients and fellow professional agents alike - by clients who are buyers or sellers, by fellow agents who are as highly respected as Lonnie.

· Recommended by past clients who have realized more dollars and a faster sale of their home than they ever expected.

· Recognized as a top producing real estate sale professional for many years, an elite member of the "Star Power" group of top national sales producing agents.

And, if that is not enough of an endorsement, the following poem will tell you much about the pledge Lonnie makes as your agent of choice.Today by Lonnie Shapiro I'm going to help some people today. Someone needs my help to sell a house...not just a house. Chances are they've Lived there... Loved there... and despite the faults of the house or the owners, it's a home. To them, I pledge the respect that I would want others to have for my home and for the members of my family. Someone needs my help today to find a home… not just a house. Invariably a new home means new hope for a new opportunity a new job a new marriage ...a new start a new neighborhood a new chance for the warmth and joy and friends and fulfillment they picture for themselves in their very best moments. Not many people get the opportunity to help other people in times so dear-to-life ...but I do and I can and I will for their sake and for mine. Experience Is The Difference! Lonnie Shapiro is one of The Top Selling Real Estate Experts™ Why Do Some Real Estate Agents Outsell Others 8 to 1? They negotiate the best deals, list the best homes, have the biggest network of buyers looking for homes, and market properties more effectively, both on the web and off. That's why people come back to them again and again. That's why they sell more homes and that describes Lonnie Shapiro! They are proven winners - and people know it.

Personal Background

I originally began my professional life as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher. While on maternity leave I realized I did not want to go back to teaching but still needed something more to do...hence my real estate career began! Buying my first home was a very traumatic experience for me as I grew up in NYC in an apartment and we never owned a home. I wanted to help other young couples go through that event with less trauma and with more guidance as this was cathartic for me as well. As time went on I began working with all types of buyers and eventually I grew into a seasoned Realtor comfortable with everyone. In 1990 I decided to try office management while I continued to list and sell real estate for my private clientele. Eventually I became an area manager as well as still managing my office as well as still listing and selling. I really do not know how I did it! In 1997 I realized my true love was only listing and selling and I resigned my manager positions and became "a kid" again having all the flexibility I did not have while being a manager.

With the advent of the internet in full bloom in 1997, real estate was evolving into a more creative and interesting profession. I fully embraced the internet and all it offered as well as launching into my personal branding and marketing campaign, which still exists. So here I am still loving what I do and helping people fulfill their housing dreams and goals. I'd love to help you with yours...I am efficient, professional and user friendly. I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Info
398 Main St Ste 1, Ridgefield, CT 06877-4610
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