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Julian Michael Aguirre

Above else Julian’s dynamic, energetic personality is what leads the way and captivates all those who interact with him. He’s one of the most dedicated, innovative and authentic agents in the Seattle area who’s holistic approach to navigating real estate continues to pay dividends to his clients. Expect sharp, witty and confident at all times from this native Seattleite. One unique characteristic Julian brings to the experience is an in-depth knowledge of Seattle areas’ many neighborhoods, culture, history and future projects. Having been a resident in a few areas throughout his life in the greater area he has a keen knowledge of commute times, local hot spots, best dining and nightlife, parks and school districts. This has helped many of his new buyers in finding the best neighborhoods that fit their needs and wishes in building a life in Seattle. Also, because he’s very well connected locally and nationally to other top associates and industry professionals, it makes the experience feel nearly seamless for his clients in their real estate journey. In working with Julian you’ll be working with a marketing strategist who’s always at the forefront of trends such as video, design, and social media, and who pays great attention to every detail of a transaction, and more importantly, building and maintaining relationships. Negotiating million dollar real estate transactions, hosting or attending an event, and staying in the know are all things Julian treasures, however, the interaction and engagement with his clients and sphere are what he treasures most. In his prior life, Julian has worked with several Fortune 500 companies in the creative, marketing and communications capacities and continues to associate within a network of tech professionals and consultants locally. He’s been a consultant for Nike, worked with Nordstrom’s sales, coached elite athletes, ran a boutique marketing agency, and has a design background that comes in handy for staging and marketing his client’s homes. In his spare time, Julian dedicates time to connect and support local nonprofits in his schedule. In recent times he has supported Treehouse for Kids, the Boys & Girls Clubs, LifeSpring, and several other local charities. He’s an avid golfer, tennis player, enjoys playing piano and singing, running, photography and design. Enjoying an afternoon round or run and meeting with friends or clients for an interactive happy hour are all part of his weekly balancing act.

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