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Joanna Hawthorn
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This world travelling aussie might be far from home, but hopping into yours, is just around the corner.

I grew up in the portside town of Nelson, New Zealand. Weekends were spent on the ocean with my dad as he guided Russian trawlers into dock on his tugboat. You can imagine the adventures my sister and i had sneaking off to discover what mysteries lay inside those ships. This time with my dad taught me the need to be patient and the importance of accuracy.

My journey into adulthood continued on the sun-soaked beaches of Australia, where battling deadly insects and checking under the toilet seat for snakes before you could get to sleep was a routine occurrence. Australia taught me to overcome my fears, to see the beauty in draught and how to conserve resources.

A huge blessing of self-discovery and new culture awaited me as I backpacked my way around Thailand as a 40-year-old woman. Here I learnt what it meant to live on nothing, how those with the least give the most, and what it means to truly be grateful.

As for my career, a background in makeup led to work being featured in magazines, on television commercials and in indie films. This taught me how to be a professional, to make people feel at ease, and to work in high stress situations (and no, it’s not glamourous.)

I had a few years to stay home and raise my children, then went on to build a business partnership with a friend. This became a success and was sold 3 years later. Here I learnt all about determination, problem solving, and how to value my clients and staff.

The past few years have seen me in retail management, leadership and sales. Retail is a beast, but I loved it. Getting to meet new clients daily and building long term relationships was the best part. However, retail also taught me how to multi-task, how to negotiate, and how to set and succeed at goals.

These are valuable life lessons alongside faith, that are woven into every meeting, transaction and relationship I am part of. I am a believer in dreaming big and acting in faith. You can do anything you set your heart, desires and actions towards. I want to be there celebrating your milestones and helping my new friends make a defining mark on their, and their families lives.

Getting into a first home or selling and moving into a new home is an exciting time for anyone. But more than anything it’s the trust and relationships that this process brings that I am passionate about the most.

There are many stories to share but let’s wait till we can share them together.

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4011 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123
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