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My desire to provide seamless, efficient and outstanding client service is what sets me, Jhonatan, apart from the crowd. Jhonatan is originally from Cali, Colombia, raised in Silver Spring, MD, and moved to NYC in 2010. He came to NYC to fulfill his dream of being the first family member to attend university, and was privileged to experience it in the Capital Of the World! He graduated from Marymount Manhattan College located on the Upper East Side ("UES") with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Entrepreneurship, and a minor in Accounting. While attending school, Jhonatan had the opportunity to live in multiple neighborhoods in Manhattan ranging from the Lower East Side to Harlem! Living in the heart of the city sparked his inner creativity and further fueled his passion and interest in dancing and entrepreneurship. After graduating college, he had the opportunity to work business to business as a sales agent working closely with owners of small to corporate level business enterprises throughout the five boroughs in New York City. This in-depth exposure allowed him to develop an intimate relationship with the city and gave Jhonatan the advantage to best advise his clients in regards to market research, areas and the benefits of each location. Jhonatan values providing outstanding services and educating his clients about all aspects of real estate, providing tools and resources to enhance their deal making and marketing knowledge. As an agent for buyers, Jhonatan is here to make home buying seamless, transparent, and most importantly, making people smile, while providing valuable insights throughout negotiations, home searches, and the closing process. As an agent for sellers, he leverages technology and data to drive unmatched financial results. He also provides a first-class and value-driven suite of marketing tools, including listing advertising, digital and print materials, property branding, press campaigns, and more. He has joined Compass and is fortunate to work with Zsolt Bene's team that has 17+ years of real estate experience, including leading several complex multi-million dollar transactions and handling 1031 exchange deals. Zsolt and his team have unparalleled negotiation skills, employing a client-first approach, while accessing in-depth knowledge of the latest market trends. Our dedication has helped many clients find their future homes with outstanding satisfaction. With his exceptional customer centric mindset, Jhonatan is determined to work diligently with his clients to provide a fun and seamless apartment search and make sure every client finds their dream home! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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