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Janice Cashell
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Business Philosophy

I have consistently been a "Top Producing" Agent throughout the 23-years I have been employed in the Real Estate Industry. The bed rock for my success has been my relentless commitment to the ethic of hard work and unflinching client dedication.

I have specialized in the area of "Equestrian and Country Properties". This dedication grew naturally from my love and respect for the land and the animal life that inhabits it. To this end, I have bred and trained Morgan Horses throughout my adult life, and founded a Connecticut based Animal Rescue Organization in 1996 which has saved, rehabilitated, and placed more than 6000 homeless and abused animals. I bring the same level of commitment and care to my work in Real Estate.

I am prepared to make a "full time/real time commitment" to You! I have the experience, the knowledge, and the track record needed to serve as your personal advocate, facilitator, and guide throughout the exciting, demanding, and sometimes even scary experiences associated with the buying and selling of a home.

I believe Real Estate to be something more than just finding the right house.

I believe Real Estate to be about Relationships that work with a Realtor you can Trust,

A Realtor who isn't afraid to make a Commitment,

A Realtor who rolls up her sleeves and "follows through"!

In short, working with me is about working with a Realtor who gets Results,

and who will keep the Deal together all the way to "Closing"!!! Licensed in CT.

Education and Training

In summarizing my education and training, I would say that I am a seasoned professional with an unfaltering dedication to excellence, as well as an unflinching and enthusiastic dedication to serve.

Following my completion of Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts Degrees in the Performing and Fine Arts, and the corresponding years devoted to education and professional theater, I spent more than thirty years gathering a richly diverse and extensive business development career in the non profit and profit sectors.

My years in Real Estate, while focusing on Sales and those services provided as a Real Estate Development Consultant, have finely tuned my capabilities in the areas of influencing, interpersonal relationships, and communication, both written and oral. While employed by Banks and Relocation Companies, I received certification credentials in the areas of Relocation, Appraisal, and REO. These areas of expertise not only gave me the opportunity to restructure a "Corporate Owned Services Division" but create exclusive "Corporate Servicing Relationships" which focused on evaluation studies of non performing assets, as well as amortization, absorption and project viability considerations. This corporate retooling led to the creation of a first of its kind "National Servicing Proposal" with the two largest banks in the State of Connecticut.

My skills in understanding how banks appraise, and how to provide their appraisers with the surety they are looking for has served my Clients well throughout the many years I have specialized in "Equine and Country Properties". Farms are regarded as "stand alone" types of real estate which banks historically have shied away from financing. Knowing which banks will consider financing farms is critical. This coupled with the know how to support the appraisal process by valuating a host of amenities unique to specialized properties ushers in the win-win that has consistently brought success to my Clients!!!

Awards And Designations

Six Figure Production Awards: "Leading Edge"

"100% Club"

"President's Circle"

& Numerous "Top Producing & Top Listing" Awards

Elected to: "Who's Who in Residential Real Estate in North America"

Areas of Expertise

Equine and Farm/Estate Properties

Land (Raw & Developed)


Bulk Sale Conversion Including Planned Neighborhoods

New Construction

Vintage Properties

Community Involvement

I served as Founder and President of, "Animals For Life", a Connecticut based non profit "Animal Rescue and Welfare Organization", dedicated to furthering the well being and quality of life for all animals, and with a focus on the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoptive placement of abused and abandoned domestic animals. The Organization is now in its fifteenth year with over 6000 rescues. Hand in hand with the dedication to rescue animals came a commitment to serve as an educational and informational resource for the Connecticut Community by educating school age children about animal care and rescue. As President of Animals For Life, I made teaching engagements in all area schools a big part of the Organization's outreach, and because I felt so strongly about loving pets who have survived their owners, I committed the Organization to working tirelessly with the attorney's and families of those family members who had passed away to insure that their surviving pets found new homes. Never once did "Animals For Life" say "no" to any dog or cat faced with this type of "dead end reality"!

I have worked with "Children and Family Services" throughout my years of real estate service, both as an individual and as a member of the Real Estate Community, to insure that annual support in the form of food, clothing, and "holiday gift giving" has been forthcoming to our local familites who have so little and need so much.

I am an Active Member and Advocate for the "American Morgan Horse Association", "Front Range Equine Rescue", "Audubon Society", "The American Humane Association", "Natural Resources Defense Council", "In Defense of Animals", "Animal Legal Defense Fund", "African Wildlife Federation", "Defenders of Wildlife", "Performing Animal Welfare Society", "Elephant Sanctuary", "Defenders of Wild Life", "The Jane Goodall Institute", "Sierra Club", and other Organizations who respect and support the right of ALL LIFE on this planet to not only survive but TO THRIVE!!!

Personal Background

I have an uncompromising work ethic which dictates my commitment to work tirelessly at anything and everything I put my hand to.

I feel passionately about "Life", and having made a commitment very early on to truly "be in the moment", I live every moment to the to " Fullest"!

I am a self starter who is not only forward thinking, but fully committed to the value of strategic planning which takes stock of where you are, determines where you want to go, and charts a course or blue print for how you want to get there.

Every morning when I wake, I put my feet on the floor and utter a prayer that I will find the way make to "make a difference" because I care about making serious contributions that enrich and grow the quality of life for all the life around us.

I love wildlife photography, wilderness camping, canoe & kayaking, horse back riding, scuba diving, hiking, and traveling anywhere and everywhere in the World!!!

Communities I ServeBecause I have specialized in the marketing and sale of "Equine Properties", "New England Farms", and "Parcels of Land" for 23-years, and because I am unwavering in my commitment to facilitate my client's interests, my geographical coverage has expanded over the years to include most of the State of Connecticut. If you are willing to cater to "stand alone properties", as I am, you have to be committed to go to where ever these types of properties are found. Otherwise, you will never be informed about the location and description of those other highly specialized properties that you are hoping to draw comparisons to. My reputation is such that appraisers from throughout the State often call me when they have a farm or country property that they don't know of a comparable for, and most of the time I am able to help them out where ever they are in the State. Fortunately, Connecticut is not a very big State, because travel is a necessity. And fortunately, I am a horse owner, and an animal advocate which strengthens and supports the connections I make with people where ever I go. So, I can assure you that you will never be in better or more dedicated hands than mine!!!

Contact Info
385 Main Street South Ste 406, Southbury, CT 06488-4240
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