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Bat Week has swooped down upon us, didn't you know?

This is the time of year when people display big pictures of cartoonish fanged bats in their windows and hang rubber bats from the ceilings at Halloween parties. But behind the scenes, real live bats are busy year round pollinating plants, eating insects and spreading seeds to grow new trees and plants. Bat Week, an international celebration that runs October 24 to 31, recognizes the contributions of these fascinating critters and raises awareness about the need for bat conservation.

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CLT clad lakeside cabin is the getaway we all want

The Lakeside Cabin was built in the place of an old wooden cabin and serves as a vacation home for outdoor sports popular in the Czech Republic. The land is screened from the regional railway line by a forest and a narrow part of Lipno Lake is located behind that track, near the mouth of the Vltava River. The architects say that the height alignment of the eaves plane is a contemporary interpretation of the cornice. Two mountain peaks over the lake frame the view from the cabin. The building was the main point... more

How to lower your digital carbon footprint

Most electricity is still produced from fossil fuels, primarily oil, coal and natural gas. Cleaning out your digital storage means less servers, equipment and energy is needed to maintain the temperature-controlled data centers. If it’s time to recycle your device, look for an e-waste. You can even recycle electronic batteries, cords, remotes and cables. The EPA reports barely more than 12% of e-Waste is properly recycled. If you have outlets powered by a light switch, it makes it makes it Re-source your energy.... more

2023 Nissan Z turbocharged to speed toward an EV future

Rumors are swirling that the next Nissan Z is going to be an EV, but that hasn’t happened quite yet. The all-new 2023 Nissan Z is adopting turbochargers, though, which can make the most out of a smaller engine to create more speed with lower emissions. Nissan is leaning into the sporty tradition of the Z line, while still eyeing a more sustainable future. Here’s how they’re doing it.

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This wooden church in Copenhagen honors nature

Henning Larsen's Ørestad Church is the first new church to be built in Copenhagen, Denmark, in over 30 years. The structure is topped with wooden shingles, presenting a gorgeous structure that stands in a clearing surrounded by trees. The church also has space for concerts, eating, yoga, dancing and lectures. There are little seating niches, a book exchange area and several other gathering spaces. Various types of grass, cherry trees and perennials dot the landscape.

AYA offers single-origin, plastic-free clothing line

AYA set out to change all that with organic cotton clothing made in Peru. The clothing is made from 100% organic Peruvian cotton, as are the threads and the labels. The low-impact dyes are GOTS-certified due to its non-toxic nature and high-absorption rate, reducing water consumption. The company has future plans to continue making plastic-free, biodegradable clothing and transition to a facility powered by solar. For more information, visit AYA and AYA.

Find green in the menu and the walls of this healthy eatery

Designed by Malden Group, the space is definitely focused on being green. The design was inspired by recycled cardboard tubes, which were used to help create the overall design. Little touches of pretty pastel accents appear throughout the design to offset the multiple shades of green. This space is designed to improve your overall well-being in multiple ways. The floor creates an industrial look that plays against the warmth of the rest of the space. Natural elements and industrial design touches come together... more

V1501 Hotel showcases vibrant design in Pasto, Colombia

Pasto is an Andean city of about 400,000 in southern Colombia. It comes from the geological code given to Galeras, the local — and, yes, active — volcano. The owners are very proud of Colombian culture, especially that of the department of Nariño, where the hotel is situated. The hotel’s brightly colored lampshades are made by a local artisan. The hotel's brightly colored Lampshades and guestrooms are made. The guestrooms use neutral whites, grays and wood tones set off with bright art pieces and yellow... more

Humanscale wows with 26 net-positive certified products

Humanscale takes office furniture to a new environmental level with a variety of options that are certified climate, energy and water positive by The International Living Future Institute, in alignment with its stringent Living Product Challenge.

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County in Wisconsin rolls out a sustainability pledge

Iceland claims to be first, debuting the Icelandic Pledge in June of 2017. The Republic of Palau introduced a pledge in December 2017, complete with a full-page passport stamp. Door County, Wisconsin, has a lot to protect, from the towering rock bluffs of the Niagara Escarpment to the water quality of Lake Michigan. The Ridges Sanctuary in the town of Baileys Harbor shelters 475 plant species. Even the stars shine extra brightly.

The most stressful cities to charge an electric vehicle

What are the most stressful cities in the U.S. to drive an electric vehicle? The Clunker Junker, a company where you can trade in junk cars, wanted to use a unique method of gauging the anxiety people feel about whether they can reach an EV charging station. According to Clunker Junker, "Even if there's an EVSE on your route, the time it takes to recharge remains inconvenient. It can be very tempting to risk running on empty to reach your destination on time." The U.S. has only 22,000 fast EV charging stations... more

Recyclable felt office chairs are now comfier than ever

Keilhauer’s Epix line is a modern streamlined set of office furniture or home designed for sustainable offices. It is made up of 36.24% recycled materials, and 68.72% of the product can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle. The company has won a Red Dot Award in 2022, the Good Design Award from Chicago Athenaeum and more. Their products are certified SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and BIFMA Level 2, which are certifications for indoor air quality and furniture sustainability. The company also has a guide on... more

5 reasons why building green is the best way forward

Each year, the construction industry accounts for 6.9 billion U.S. tons of greenhouse gas emissions. To minimize our construction footprint, green building is becoming increasingly popular. Green buildings can help improve well-being and improve health and productivity. Green roofs can also save up to $190,000 in pollution removal and reduce hospital stays and reduce infections. Green buildings also have positive social, economic and environmental benefits. We’ll review their top five advantages. For more... more

The first recyclable restaurant in Sweden has kelp chairs

Enjoy Bazaar is a new Japanese restaurant in Stockholm that was recently opened by two Michelin-star chefs, Daniel Höglander and Niclas Jönsson. The Kelp Collection, designed by Interesting Times Gang, features pieces made from a bio-composite material of recycled fishing nets and wood fiber. These make the restaurant's interiors resemble an underwater kelp forest. Through its vivid green color and organic forms, the collection pays homage to kelp forests. By maximizing circular design, the restaurant sheds... more

New Long Beach offices are a light-filled modern Zen space

Studio One Eleven in Long Beach, California has designed a light-filled sustainable space that is nothing short of Zen. The new tech corridor was once part of the Long Beach Oil Field, a five-mile area from Carson through Long Beach and Signal Hill. The current design has 100% access to natural light throughout the building while minimizing glare on the south and east sides using shading. The upper floors on the north side extend over the ground floor. The lower floors extend over.

Scientists find common weed to be a "super plant"

Researchers at Yale University have found that common weed is a super plant that could help develop strong drought-resistant crops. “Portulaca oleracea,” also known as purslane was found to have a unique photosynthesis mechanism that makes it more resilient to drought. 

The researchers have published the findings in the journal “Science Advances.” The study details the unique characteristics of the weed and why it can be used for future genetic engineering of other crops.


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Earth-friendly residential block has new take on old design

Rather than gas, residents here use a collective heat pump to provide heat for their homes. In winter, the water is pumped and heated thanks to a heat exchanger that extracts energy from the groundwater to cool or heat the water as needed. The block's architecture is based on 19th-century designs, like the city around it. This new block is all modern and definitely designed with a modern worldview in mind. Courtyards and green spaces have been integrated into the design to provide space for other types of living... more

Promote life for the planet with Transcend's green burial

Transcend’s Tree Burial model harnesses and optimizes for the naturally-occurring process of decomposition. The company says a Transcend burial is clean, waste-free and doesn’t pollute the land. In contrast to the notable carbon dioxide released during caskets and casket burials, TranscendBurials result in carbon dioxide. Transcend also offers tree burial for pets with the same benefits to the planet. The kit provides pet owners with a flax linen carrier and burial bag. You can then bury your pet and plant... more

An organic Italian winery is updated with sustainable style

A sustainable organic winery called Cascina Elena has updated an Alta Langa landscape in Rocchetta Belbo, Italy, without disruption. Limiting excavation and displacements helped BRH+ architects create an environmentally and economically updated facility while respecting the soul and history of the land. The architects built it horizontally along the contour of the hill. The building reinterprets vernacular architecture. The designers say this was to give shape and expression. The architects said this was.

Liben Docks by QARTA Architektura reclaim marina brownfield

Five apartment buildings front the water in the Czech Republic where a marina brownfield used to stand. The designers, QARTA Architektura, say these sustainable buildings are created to evoke the atmosphere of a local “Liben-style Amsterdam.” The location of the site is unique as it’s a narrow peninsula flanked by green banks leading up to the waterfront.

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Live in a climate positive off-grid housing development

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This is how Singapore does vertical biophilic urbanism

The CapitaSpring building is a new addition to the Singapore skyline. There are apartments and sky gardens throughout the building, all the way up to the 51st floor. The building is in the heart of the financial district. "With CapitaSpring, we are setting a new benchmark for the office of the future by bringing a premium, multi-faceted workplace experience to building occupants, complemented by our core-flex solutions that cater to the increasing adoption of hybrid work strategies," Chin said. "On top, an urban... more

Surround yourself in the desert and stars in this home

The Marfa Suite is a detached addition to an existing single-bed adobe home in Texas. The suite serves as a lounge, art studio and place for the owners to stay when guests visit the home. Desert gardens surround the structure, which is a 36-feet square footprint with 16-feet high walls. Sliding doors connect the living and work areas to the outside landscape on the east side of the home. The Marfa Suite receives early morning light and opens to the big Texas sky. An 18-feet-long solid oak desk creates two working... more

The top 7 industries that produce the most pollution in 2022

In 2021, air pollution contributed to almost 8.7 million deaths worldwide, while 400 million metric tonnes, or over 440 million U.S. tons, of hazardous waste contaminate our soil each year. By 2025 this industry will account for 20% of the world’s energy usage and 5.5% of carbon dioxide emissions. A 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 is still possible. This article will explore the top seven polluting industries. For more information, please click here. Click here for more information on the top Seven Polluting... more

This Seattle office space decorates with recycled plastics

The 9,000-square-foot office sits on the seventh floor of a historic warehouse and joins the movement to reoccupy and revitalize the area. The move into the Agen Warehouse building, originally built in 1910, puts Cushing Terrell inside an industrial warehouse that has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The space then provides expansive views of the surrounding Puget Sound. The project emphasized reuse. Without changing the floor plan, the project emphasized flow and function for the workstations.... more

California is the first state to ban plastic produce bags

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill into law that will ban single-use plastic produce bags starting in 2025. The law requires that all single-use plastic produce bags be replaced by either recycled paper bags or compostable ones. Thin plastic bags are commonly used to separate items before they are packaged for checkout. The ban will also affect bags used for unwrapped items such as fish, meat, grains and nuts, among others. "Several studies have shown that contamination in compost waste streams... more

Teens are pouring milk in grocery stores for dairy horrors

In the U.K., teenagers are pouring milk onto the floors of grocery stores as part of an environmentalist trend to raise awareness about the horrors of the dairy industry. Videos of these "Milk pours" are popping up on social media. "The dairy industry is incredibly environmentally destructive. The world's top five meat and dairy corporations are now responsible for more GHG emissions than Exxon, Shell or BP," the animal rights group Animal Rebellion tweeted Saturday. Animal Rebellion has tweeted about the loss... more

Gorgeous portable lamp mimics the body of a whale

A beautiful new portable lamp design from Yoshiki Matsuyama has been designed for Ambientec to evoke the soft and majestic body lines of a whale. Ambientec presents Cachalot, a new portable lamp that evokes the softness and warm light of the ocean.

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Durable and sustainable menswear fabric is here to stay

You've seen waterproof and water-resistant fabrics and clothing materials before. Supreen's unique fabric is made without any fluorocarbons. Supreen used a liquid barrier to treat fabrics, creating a material that is durable but soft to the touch. You'll find them in sealants, lubricants, waterproofing treatments, leather conditioners, and all kinds of different waterproof and water-resistant fabrics. A silicone blend is embedded into the fiber of the fabric to protect the material against stains and liquid.... more

5 things you can do to protect nature today and every day

For meat, also go with a local farm, and buy meat in bulk that you can freeze. Raising livestock consumes vast quantities of land and water. Avoid home and garden products that include toxic chemicals that are bad for you and the environment. Get involved at a community level with your understanding of the importance of your personal decisions, scale that within your community. Create a community garden. Organize carpools between parents and co-workers. Get involved and make a difference.
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