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I am committed to providing superior service and expertise to my clients in order to enable a seamless experience through any real estate transaction. In addition to simply conveying the New York City market dynamics, I strive to support clients through the contractual, financial, and emotional decisions involved in the purchase, sale, lease, management, and improvement of Real Property. My professional network of honest and talented service providers (attorneys, mortgage brokers/bankers, general contractors, property managers) is instrumental in offering clients a full service experience necessary any deal or project. Real property often represents the most valuable and significant asset individuals, and companies alike; thus my approach is to treat each client with a life-cycle approach. I count my success in the currency of my clients' satisfaction and loyalty. Testimonials ★★★★★"As someone who also works in the real estate industry, I made sure to do my due diligence on which RE agent I was going to enlist to help me make such an important housing purchase. I spoke to several agents and was very specific in what I was looking . Herman was the last agent I interviewed, and I was so thoroughly satisfied with his responses to my questions that I decided to commit to him on the spot. I knew I had made the right decision when he asked me "Are you sure? Do you want to discuss with your fiancee first before hiring me?" This encapsulates the type of agent and person he is. Herman always puts his clients and even potential clients first and in this situation, risked turning down the opportunity to represent a buyer just to ensure his client(s) were on the same page with each other. Within 2 short weeks, Herman helped us put in an offer on the perfect home we were looking for (and closed on) and from beginning to end, exuded the qualities I believe a star agent should have: 1. Local Knowledge: Herman's knowledge of Brooklyn and specifically the hot Williamsburg and Greenpoint markets are unmatched. He was able to take us around in his car to see 15+ listings over 2 weekends, while giving us the inside scoop on all aspects of the neighborhoods 2. Creative Mindset: We were in an unique situation that involved numerous moving parts and needed someone that could react quickly and think of out of the box solutions to issues that would arise. If he didn't have the right answer for us, he would leverage his contacts (e.g. loan officer contacts) and/or his broader team to help us come up with the right plan 3. Honest Opinions and Candid Feedback: He never pushed us to make a decision and gave us his honest take on every property we saw, good or bad. We really appreciated this and knew he was there to help us make the right decision on our timeline, not just to complete a sale and make a . 4. Responsiveness: He was always available, day and night, whether through text, email, or . Enough said. TLDR: Hire Herman" ★★★★★"Herman was great to work with during the process. He was incredibly honest, professional and responsive - a breath of fresh air in my 10+ years of working with NY brokers. Would highly recommend and work with again." ★★★★★"Herman was able to quickly turn around and my apartment within a week of my ask. He understood my criteria the renter I wanted, the boundaries in which I wanted to transact and executed flawlessly." ★★★★★"Herman was great, professional and put in the time to drive interest. The market in NYC was going through a tougher time. He delivered a buyer quickly and at the right price where our previous broker struggled and suggested dramatic price drops. It was his dedication and knowledge of the building, the neighborhood, and the potential rental market went beyond what we could ask ." "We are very pleased to have Herman as the agent. He is a true professional in the RE business and a true gentleman as a person. He is polite, always on-time, honest, caring, and most importantly trustable. If I buy another property in the future, I will definitely go with Herman again.” ”I met Herman during my apartment search close to a year ago. I immediately found his approach to the process refreshing and a welcome change from the previous brokers I had worked with. I never felt pressured or like I was trying to be something I wasn't interested in. Herman was very honest with his opinion (good or bad) with apartment/condos we looked at. We it came time to make offers he was also very helpful in determining proper prices each . I had worked with previous brokers that immediately wanted me to go in at asking or higher and with Herman he again was very honest and upfront with me based on an apartments history of being on the market, etc. He even offered to go to houses without me to gauge how much interest a had. I also had very specific needs and Herman never pressured me into condos that were not the right fit, after a year of working together I never felt pressured into a sale. Happy to say we did finally find the right and I couldn't be happier with it, or the experience with Herman.” ”I highly recommend Herman Singh as an agent. He gave me great advice throughout the process of selling my building in Brooklyn and was instrumental in making sure I stayed on the right path. He is honest, hard working, and is very knowledgable about buying and selling real estate.” ”Herman was able to match a renter us with a very difficult timeline to work with and throughout was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Both renters and owners should seek out Herman. He’ll get it done!” ”Herman was a pleasure to work with - he helped me so much in the process of looking my first apartment and I always felt he had my interests front of mind. He was always available to help and had so much knowledge of buildings and neighborhoods that helped me so much during my apartment search, especially since I started with very little knowledge about the process. I've ended buying an apartment I love. I would highly recommend him!” ”Herman was the best agent you could want..non-salesy, never put pressure on me to buy a particular property, but let me naturally gravate to the property I liked the most.. he was very reachable through text, or email and did an impeccable job of helping me get the terms I wanted from the seller's agent and seller... I highly recommend Herman also his humble nature ( something I think is rare with agents) and most importantly, I got exactly the property I wanted!”" ”It was a pleasure working with Herman. I was a first time buyer, looking into a very hot Williamsburg market. He did a great job with arranging visits and providing sage advice through the whole process. Genuine, not-pushy, knowledgeable, and responsive. I strongly recommend him and his services anyone looking in Manhattan and Brooklyn.” ”Herman is the best! He helped us almost every weekend 3 months to find the perfect apartment in Brooklyn. He's very knowledgable about the different areas, as well as all facets of the real estate business, he's generous with his time (both on the and in person), and he's an all around great guy. The whole experience was great and I would definitely recommend him as an agent. Thanks Herman!”" ”Herman stayed on top of every aspect of the process, stayed in touch with us but also proactively was in touch with the other side of the deal. We strongly recommend Herman” ”I had a fantastic experience working with Herman. He's diligent, very responsive, professional, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone!”" ”Herman Singh recently helped my husband & I purchase our first home in Bushwick. Admittedly, we were not easy customers -- Herman went out to houses with us nearly every weekend 8 months and somehow made what could be a grueling process easy to navigate and fun. He was patient with us and held our hand every step of the way, from helping us find properties we'd like, to making offers, to going above and beyond in helping us close the deal. He also has a team of mortgage brokers, lawyers, and contractors to help facilitate the closing. Now that our purchase is complete, Herman is helping us find tenants our rental . I would use Herman again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him anyone looking an honest, hard-working and easy to get along with real estate agent.” ”Our little family just bought a 2-family in Bushwick. Herman worked diligently, attentively, respectfully with us an entire year -- looking at properties together every week & often twice weekly -- through all the ups & downs a whole year's passing can bring. Herman showed integrity & honesty every step of the way, and he helped make the process as much fun as it can be, naturally, challenging. We feel like we made a friend. And I can attest, without reservation, this man earns his .”" ”I've been working with Herman the past 6 months and he has been a tremendous help. Very patient, he helped me navigate my way into buying my first condo in Greenpoint/Williamsburg area. He has vast knowledge of the market and is a pleasure to work with. He also has a great team of contractors, lawyers and brokers that will make your life easier and provide great service.”"
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