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Frankie Turner
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At Coldwell Banker Lakeway, our approach to business can be summed up in a simple set of core values— ones that we reinforce every day in everything we do within our leadership, management, and Sales Support Admin Team. We strive to be the best through continuous improvement. We empower our agents to succeed. We’re incredibly proud to be able to offer these services and stand by our promise to dedication. As an independent sales associate your priority should be positioning yourself with the right brokerage to build your business – a company so prestigious that it can literally open doors for you! Welcome to Coldwell Banker Lakeway... we are that company.

As a third-generation REALTOR, I was born to thrive in the Real Estate Industry. I have an enthusiasm for life and incorporate that passion while working with each of my agents. Having lived in Austin for over 43 years, I have witnessed the positive changes that our "weird" city has endured and I am proud to be a part of its growth. My 20-year industry career is diverse, including new homes sales, title sales management, real estate sales, education management and real estate management.

Enjoy: Spending time with my children, travel, hiking, and comedy

At Coldwell Banker, Lakeway, we believe in offering the best real estate education in the business, and performance coaching with our experienced, highly reputable management team. Whether you are new to real estate or looking to grow your career, we have the right tools, systems and people in place to help you succeed. Coldwell Banker and I look forward to being a part of your success!

What will you receive from being affiliated with Lakeway, Coldwell Banker?

Recognition- we celebrate every success! Bi-monthly sales meetings, monthly contests, Quarterly Joint Meetings, Gen Blue Annual Conference, Annual Awards Banquet, Million Dollar a Month Club, 4 or More Luncheons, and more. Administrative Support - I am your 24-7, non-competing manager! My Admin Team will give you more sales and marketing support, so you can have a more manageable schedule.Education- Springboard, SalesPro 101, Success Track, Performance Coaching, InTouch Training, Technology Classes!Social Opportunities- Events and community service opportunities galore! Collaborating with new and experienced agents. The agents encourage and help each other become more successful!And…….important things like, business planning and development, marketing, technology, partnerships, help fulfilling goals, mentorship, generating leads, work space/desks, copy machine, abundant parking, and a culture full of energy and support!Market Share Dominance- Coldwell Banker Lakeway consistently leads the way in per person productivity.

For a confidential meeting, please contact Frankie Turner at 512.415.2500


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2501 Ranch Road 620 South, Austin, TX 78738
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