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Hi, I am Erica! I hope you’ll take a moment to read my background and see if there’s a fit for me to help with your real estate needs. Where we live and invest defines what we believe in and choose to express ourselves. It is a joy and an honor to be a part of finding the right home in which a life develops. Selecting a place to live is an act of heart and faith and holds hands with a rooted, practical need that is an important financial asset. Selling an asset must be well thought out and timed correctly. Reared in the Midwest, I was fortunate to grow up immersed in the values of integrity, hard work and commitment. These values ground all of my actions. I consider it an honor to work at forming and maintaining long term relationships in my professional and personal life, and to diligently serve my clients varied needs. With a naturally inquisitive nature, and a curiosity to understand what motivates people, I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them to define their goals. Fierce dedication and financial acumen guide me in negotiating successfully for the best interest of my clients; and has led to countless cherished and enduring client relationships. Never distracted by short term gain, I am guided by the long term goals and work diligently at each step of the way, always looking ahead, guaranteeing a smooth transaction. My road to a career in real estate started out as a therapist, then prop and fashion stylist, before moving to the industry, first as a real estate developer and investor. The union of my three careers is what makes me unique in this industry and excellent at what I do. I understand people. I understand valuing a property based on the current market environment and trends, and know intuitively what will have long-standing value. I understand maximizing the value of a property, and bring an aesthetic to the sell side that has helped my clients get some of the best prices/square foot in SF. With a keen eye, I am able to see the possibility that each space offers and how to transform it to maximize value. I enjoy the puzzle of preparing a home for sale and in aligning the numerous pieces of the pre-sale process. I personally tend to each detail and manage all aspects of preparing a home to come to market and in partnering with an amazing team of people, see dramatic results. Hire me and you will have access to my meticulously curated and personally vetted team of service providers (from interior design and color selection to tax experts and brokers to handymen and contractors and everything in between). Because of my deep and broad network of dedicated and thoughtful practitioners and service providers, I am able to make magic happen and have long been the “go to” person in my community for recommendations for all things home related. Selling or buying a home or investment property can be stressful enough, with a dedicated team of people to back me up, I am here to make your life easier and to walk through the process with you, thereby mitigating your stress. Enough about me, this process is about you and your dreams and needs. So, please reach out. I look forward to getting to know you.
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