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Eric Redlinger
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Investment Properties

In real estate investing it's important to plan your work and work your plan. I work with my clients to develop a plan to meet your goals. More people have become millionaires in this country by any other source and I can help you. Over half of all millionaires were created by real estate. If you want to invest in real estate I'm your Realtor. I've owned investment properties since I was 22. I've owned properties as far away as Palm Springs, California. I have a background in rehabbing properties and reselling, commercial and multi family income properties. If you want to start investing in real estate or you have a host of properties that you need consolidate and upgrade you should give me a call. My investment property matrix will give you a great idea how a property is performing and how it will perform for years down the road.

What I do to sell your house

Buying and selling real estate is one of the best jobs to have. I rely on my background in radio and television to market your home to make sure it sells for the highest amount of money in the fastest time period. Not only do I create a video of your house so potential clients can see it 24/7 on the web, but I run radio advertising to make sure that your house gets maximum exposure. If the public doesn't know it's for sale how can they buy it? If you're ready to sell your house give me a call 612-229-1130.

Business Philosophy

My business philosophy is simple: Keep my client's best interest in mind. If I'm looking out for your best interests at all times I don't have to worry about anything else.

Getting houses FAST

If you're a buyer you want to work with me. I understand and use all the technology to make sure that if the dream home you want comes on the market you will be the first to see it. Updates to your mobile device, e-mail, streaming video and texts, I do it all.

The art of the deal

In this market the toughest part of my job isn't finding and selling properties it's keeping the sales together. With tougher lending restrictions and the ever changing interest rates many deals fall apart after acceptance. That's why I work with several lenders and know the mortgage business inside and out. If one lender can't get it done I know of another one who might be able to. From traditional loans to hard money lenders if you want to close the house I can find a way to get it done.

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4100 Berkshire Ln, Plymouth, MN 55446-3813
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