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Ellie Hunter

Ellie Hunter recently joined Compass and the Lori Schiaffino team after almost seven years in real estate management and development with Michael Davis Construction, one of the most highly regarded and respected builders in the ultra-exclusive Hamptons property market. Prior to overseeing HR and the Michael Davis team office, Ellie created and ran a vegan food company, bringing together local Hamptons farmers and selling to more than 800 stores, including Wholefoods. Having much success in the food world, Ellie, an entrepreneur at heart, still longed for some of the corporate structure from her time in the finance. After graduating with honors from Bristol University in the U.K., Ellie started her career at IBM in London. Shortly thereafter she joined Goldman Sachs, working on the equity derivatives trading floor, which she loved due to the fast-paced environment with constant multi-tasking. In 1998, she moved to New York, and continued to pursue a career in the financial industry working with the Chairman and Executive Committee at Schonfeld Securities, New York. Wall Street to real estate been a natural fit for Ellie, feeding both her corporate skill set and entrepreneurial spirit. Ellie been featured in the Independent Newspaper, “The business [real estate] is truly dynamic, and because we live in a part of the world with some of the most expensive real estate, and the abundance of ideas to create the home of your dreams, it’s rewarding to see these incredible homes come to life and see the families enjoy their homes.” Ellie Hunter: Steeling Beauty | AUGUST 27, 2019 | BY HEATHER BUCHANAN Ellie Hunter been a resident of East Hampton for the past seventeen years. Helping the people she knows is the essence of her life, introducing friends and professionals to support one another. Ellie gives her time freely to local businesses and using her analytical skills by consulting local businesses, aiding in their success. She’s the Mom to one son and loves cooking. She also is passionate about health and wellness and a nutrition certification. She is an avid horseback rider and competed in New York State winning several divisions in the hunter classifications. You can find her at the barn, or on the beach in her rare moments of free time!

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