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Michele has traveled all over the globe but is proud to call Chicago her home. Originally from London, England, Michele credits her 16 successful years in Chicago to her strong sense of loyalty and commitment to her clients, and a determination for excellence in her field. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into buying a home and Michele views the representation and guidance of her clients through this process as a true privilege, so much so, she holds the ABR, Accredited Buyers Representative designation. She now prides herself on having the knowledge to give that specialized attention to home buyers and works tirelessly as an advocate for her clients every step of the way and brings peace of mind through constant communication. She finds fulfillment in the opportunity of getting to learn all about her clients, their work, the needs of their families, and their interests because she knows understanding expectations is the key ingredient for success. As a creative, she admits she enjoys the hunt of finding the perfect home for her clients to create memories in, and as a result, it is the joy she can bring them that keeps her passionate about the real estate industry. As your REALTOR® and RENE, certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert, Michele helps her buyer clients by providing them with accurate information and market data to educate and assist you so together, you will be well equipped to negotiate the best possible terms for the least amount of money. For her seller clients, she works with you to get you the highest price, in the least amount of time, by using her negotiation expertise. Michele is passionate about animal rescue and volunteers at PAWSchicago, the largest no-kill animal shelter in Chicago; she donates a portion of each commission to local animal rescue groups. As a prior marathon runner and trainer, her mornings usually begin with a leisurely run along the lakefront, or as a certified yoga sculpt teacher she can often be found in a yoga studio getting her OHM on. Namaste! What are you searching for? City views? A 3rd bedroom? The good school system? Everyone is searching for something. Have you found it yet? I'm here to help you find it! Together, Let's Find Your Tomorrow!
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