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As a Marin native, Deborah brings an impressive resumé of success in Marin County real estate, and has real estate in her DNA— her father was a successful builder and her grandmother a leading broker. After 25 years in the business, Deborah has genuine enthusiasm for the results she creates for her clients. She combines attention to detail with deep market knowledge and excels in counseling and negotiating. Deborah is supported by the highest ethical standards, innovative marketing and leading edge technology. Deborah is truly an “agent of change”. Testimonials This will be one of those rare reviews where we provide feedback based on everything that has happened BEFORE the deal is done. I say this because we're still in the process of finding the right place - we have an offer in for a place we really love; there's no guarantee it will play out in our favor depending on the seller and other factors.But - I will say without hesitation - Deborah and Christine are absolutely phenomenal.This is our first home buying experience together. Every step of the way Deborah and Christine have been clear communicative and transparent. And a joy to boot.Theirs is a tough business particularly as we move into the fall season with fewer options. And it is Marin County - hard market if you don't have a ton of funds available for even a modest home. We were referred to them by a close friend who has leaned on this team before for at least two purchases. You don't feel pressured. You are always in the loop. They play out scenarios. They are connected to a truly great finance person Gina Rainey. They are 7 x 24 if you need that. There are printouts and personal notes that provide their insights into key properties. Texts calls touching base. Yes maybe that's the norm and everyone reading this will go "yeah that's how it is supposed to be." Remember - we haven't sealed the deal yet. Perhaps by the time you read this we will have. Or we may move onto another property or wait for the market to hibernate and recover in 2017.Whatever the case this is the "A" team and my wife and I are absolutely entrusting of this group. Thank you both. -Todd R. We loved working with Deborah! She was instrumental in helping us secure our home. There is absolutely no way we would have been able to present as compelling an offer without her guidance and representation of us to the seller. We cannot thank her enough for this! Search We feel fortunate to have been randomly connected with her for an in-person tour when exploring whether we wanted to buy a home. We had planned to work with another Marin agent who had been highly recommended to us by several friends, but Deborah quickly won us over, and we never looked back. From the start, Deborah took the time to listen and understand what we were looking for, explain the process, and point out what to look out for in houses. Deborah was incredibly thoughtful, efficient with our time, and very accommodating with all of our requests. She only suggested places in our price range that matched our interests. It was clear that Deborah cared about finding the right home for us on our timeline; we never felt rushed or pushed into considering a home that we wouldn't love. Her depth of local knowledge and experience helped us eliminate options that she sensed we wouldn't like in the long run. Deborah has a fantastic eye and is excellent at visualizing how we could turn a house we liked into a home we would love. For any concerns we had about the disclosures, she was able to help us understand their magnitude or insignificance or connect us with the experts who could help us evaluate the costs and risks. We enjoyed seeing homes with her and valued all of her insights. Offer The offer process felt like such a breeze. Deborah coached us through the process, made us feel comfortable with every aspect of the document, and helped us write our best offer. Deborah provided great insight into the very hot sellers' market by leveraging her deep network to arm us with the most recent comps. Not only did her guidance help us make our offer more competitive, but her representation of us to the seller sealed the deal. We likely wouldn't have been able to get our home without her. Closing Once our offer was accepted, Deborah quickly helped us get the closing process started on the right foot. She helped us think through the essential inspections and items that we needed to set us up for a smooth close and move-in. Deborah also had excellent contacts for the contractors we needed and any we could have needed. She made us feel comfortable throughout the closing and went above and beyond by helping us think through eventual renovations. We highly recommend working with Deborah and would work with her in the future! Deborah Solvason has been our exclusive agent for the last 15 years. She has given us next level expert guidance through 5 different sales/purchases. She patiently worked with us to help us understand how to add value and manage cost as we prepared homes for sale and purchased new homes. She has to be the hardest working agent in all of Marin. Her local knowledge, work ethic, integrity, communication and marketing skills are matchless. Simply put, Deborah Solvason is Marin. As a buyer/seller that has worked with Deborah for the last 15 years, I can say with authority that as a buyer or a seller, there is no one that can develop and protect your interests like Deborah Solvason. If you want someone to seamlessly take control of EVERY single detail from preparation to the closing of your house, Deborah is your agent! Her eye and expertise craft every minute detail from painting to permits, and beyond, plus she has connections to the best sources, to get any pre-sale work done. By the time your home hits the market, the ease in which a buyer can make a clean offer, is because she has handled every imaginable detail upfront. This makes a HUGE difference for a quick and profitable sale. We have bought and sold a dozen homes, and never has an agent come close to the level of knowledge, care and detail Deborah provided us. We had so many balls in the air with work and other issues during our sale, and Deborah managed to be on top of it all, and then some! She puts you first, promptly answers every call and question, and is always 10 steps ahead in preparation, and problem solving. Deborah sold sold in 4 days, over asking, in what was a totally seamless process. You will never find a better agent than this, I promise you! All I can say is that Deborah is the best of the best. She has tremendous insider knowledge of the Marin area and the real estate practices. She really cares about making sure her clients are informed about the decisions they are making. She took the time to explain the ins and outs of financing, etc. to my husband and me -- making sure that we would be happy with our decision. High integrity, goes there extra mile and is deeply kind. I'd say she's an expert and you can't go wrong choosing Deborah.
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