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David McDonald
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I’m Dave McDonald, a Real Estate Professional with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Camp Hill, PA. I feel blessed to be able to share my experience and compassion with each client I serve.

Not everyone is able to successfully pursue their passion in life, but through Real Estate, I have been able to do just that. Real Estate allows me to marry my joy of meeting and helping people from all walks of life with the excitement and pleasure I get when I ‘m able to help someone start their ‘next phase’ in life. From the first house to the last HOME, and every move in between, helping people navigate the sometimes choppy waters of a Real Estate transaction smoothly, is my ultimate goal. You can rest assured knowing that through the available technology I have at my disposal, and my personal desire to exude the age-old art of RESPECT, we will be in constant communication regarding the details of your sale or purchase. I began my career in Real Estate after a pretty poor personal experience when purchasing our own first home. I don’t want others to be subjected to what we went through!

To be sure you’re getting my best, I, like many in our office, joined the National Association of Realtors which is a group of Agents that hold themselves to a higher standard. Did you know that not all Real Estate Agents are Realtors? As a Realtor, I have decided to make it publicly known that no matter the person, the situation, or any other ‘force’ that may try to de-rail me, I will always show honesty, fairness, Respect and Integrity to all who I work with. My goal is not to ‘be the best’. My goal is to DO my best to GET YOU the best.

I started my career during one of the worst economic and housing crises in recent history and have seen quite a lot. I’ve had the opportunity to help First time home-buyers, Expanding families, and retirees selling all to head to Florida, and just about everything in between. I look forward to the seeing what you can throw at me!

I know this world has changed and people just don’t ‘act like they used to’, but I promise when you’re working with me, you will get my utmost respect…I want it from my own young children and I choose to lead by example.

If you want an agent with compassion for you, passion in what he will do, open communication, and full dedication, I’d be honored to represent you.

Call, email, text, or click the links. I look forward to working for you!!

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3915 Market St, Camp Hill, PA 17011-4227
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