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STEELE REALTY GROUP Cody Steele was born on December 30th 1976 at Scripps, La Jolla and is a native San Diego Resident. He has navigated his way through the Solana Beach School District from Solana Vista Elementary K-3, Skyline 4-6, Earl Warren Jr. High 7-8, to Torrey Pines High School 9-12. Cody finished up his education at Mira Costa & Palomar College with studies in Sociology, Marketing, and Graphic Design. While finishing his education Cody was becoming a Surfing Sensation and was picked up by a major clothing brand. Cody’s career soon skyrocketed and he was featured on numerous Surfing Magazine Covers while traveling to remote surfing destinations across the world. In 2002, Cody Steele made a career change that would have a profound impact on his life. Cody left the professional surfing circuit to become a Realtor so he could have more stability for himself and his future family. In a short period of time, Cody has helped Steele Realty secure a healthy portion of the North County real estate market. Cody has already gained solid footing in the competitive real estate industry and is poised to become a leader in his field. His competitiveness, keen instinct and good feel for people has allowed him to become intimately acquainted with the real estate market and with his clients’ needs. Cody, a second-generation realtor, learned how to handle pressure and how to deal with diverse people. Cody has sold real estate throughout San Diego County and focusing a lot of his time in North County, including Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Oceanside. Whether selling a multimillion-dollar home or a $300,000 condo, Cody gets satisfaction from knowing that he has helped his clients fulfill their investment dreams. Owning a home, Cody believes, creates a happier lifestyle and better feeling of personal wealth. Over the past seven years, Cody has learned the value of real estate on multiple levels. Personally purchasing and selling three homes and managing his own rental property, which produced a positive cash flow for him and his family. Cody, who believes every home is unique, looks after his clients’ best interest and goes the extra mile to make sure they get the best deal and experience a smooth transaction. His philosophy is, the less his clients have to worry about, the better. Cody, a pro surfer for nine years, inherited his parents’ penchant for hard work and entrepreneurism. In 2000, Cody launched a company called Code Red, and created the Multi Sport Key Band, a Velcro wristband that holds a car key while individuals go surfing, bicycling, skateboarding, running and swimming. Cody is always thinking outside of the box, and was driven by a need in the surfing community to stop thieves. The band has become popular among surfers and sports enthusiasts alike. While managing his own Surfing Career and Company, Cody’s deep passion for Surfing and the beauty that goes along with it ignited another opportunity. Cody and two other Professional Surfers joined together to create one of the top Surf Schools in San Diego. Their Surf School was different and unique because it focused on learning to surf from true professionals. Cody’s “Code Red Surf School” was an instant success and for 2-3 years had an average attendance of 30+ kids a week. Although surfing is still a big part of his life, Cody – who also has a knack for creating logos and websites – has also experienced success and exhilaration in selling real estate. His aggressive plans include doubling Steele’s North County growth every year, through effective marketing and referrals.
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