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Through his extensive knowledge, expertise and comprehensive understanding of the trends within the Greater Atlanta real estate market, Ashton Lewis serves each client with sophisticated, first-class service, true advocacy and full-service resources that markedly result in an extremely impressive and heightened real estate experience.  Highly skilled in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential, Luxury, Condominium and Investment Properties, Ashton ultimately ensures that each client receives outstanding representation, crucial in-depth local market knowledge and truly extraordinary results. At every interaction, Ashton exhibits his proficient counsel, keen insights and the highest level of integrity and resourcefulness when advising his clients on all real estate matters.  In personally working with each client and upon understanding their specific priorities, he diligently aligns and applies himself in order to accomplish their real estate goals.  He carefully and accurately addresses each important issue of the transaction and is highly skillful in leveraging each opportunity to the benefit his clients so that they may enhance their personal wealth through real estate.  Whether it is educating a first-time buyer on each step of the home buying process, a review of the contractual components of the transaction or analyzing current market data; Ashton’s clients depend on his trusted guidance, valued perspective, and highly personal and meticulous approach. Ashton truly loves an extreme challenge with an engaging and expansive vision.  Through his genuine concern for his clients and the valued relationships developed with them, it is truly his joy to ultimately fulfill their request throughout the transaction and graciously serve them.  For Ashton it is an honor that his client’s value and trust in his expertise and professionalism to represent them. He is very thorough in providing constant communication and is always extremely attentive, accessible and responds promptly to his clients.  Ashton is highly skillful in negotiating the critical, contractual components of the transaction and delivering outstanding results.  Delivering responsive, confident results with a strategic, impactful approach are all part of Ashton’s distinguished style in always accomplish truly elevated achievements for his clients.        Contact Ashton to serve you and your personal real estate inter
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