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A senior agent with , and former -Founder of a top producing team in the San Fernando Valley with over $1 Billion in sales, Arman Grigoryan has spent the last decade establishing himself as a premier luxury real estate. With a background in retail and an extensive portfolio of buying, selling, developing, and staging homes, Arman is able to offer a unique perspective for his clients by providing insight as a buyer, a seller, and a top producing agent. With over $64 Million in sales, Arman repeatedly demonstrates his fierce negotiation skills, making him a true advocate for his clients’ interests. With his unique skills in staging, a meticulously crafted marketing campaign, and a vast knowledge of the local marketplace, Arman consistently gets his clients top dollar for their homes. In all stages of a transaction, Arman serves his clients with integrity, reliability, honesty, and dedication – achieving astounding results. A resident of the San Fernando Valley for three decades, Arman has an extensive knowledge of each unique neighborhood that makes up one of the most sought-after enclaves of Los Angeles. With a focus on Sherman Oaks, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Toluca Lake, and Studio City, Arman is able to apply proven practices and local knowledge to find his clients the best possible buyer for their property. With a strong network of contacts in the industry, Arman is able to showcase upcoming properties to key partner agents, attracting a higher quality of potential buyers. Arman’s qualifications go beyond his list of record sales. Arman was previously with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ where his efforts were recognized as a top producing agent. Arman was placed in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ President’s Circle, specializing in the Luxury Home Collection and maintaining a position of Top 5% Companywide. He also earned a certification for the New Homes Division, where he personally buys, develops, and sells 5 to 7 of his own properties each year. This experience enhances Arman’s ability to expertly serve both buyers and sellers, as he himself goes through transactions as both parties on a regular basis. Although leaving his Berkshire Hathaway behind and moving on to new beginnings at , Arman is extremely grateful for the years long experiences he had, and is looking forward to his new journey at ! Going above and beyond, Arman’s services include complimentary staging on select homes. By presenting each home in its best possible light, Arman is able to showcase both the current attributes and the potential vision of the property to buyers of all interests. Staged homes statistically sell faster and with higher interest from buyers, and Arman shows a proven success record with this service time after time. Arman knows that buying and selling a home is an emotional process and an important financial step for every party. Using his strong sales skills, a keen eye for design, fierce negotiation strategies, and an extensive local expertise, he is able to represent each and every client with the highest level of service possible. An active member of the community, Arman contributes to several charities including the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, United To Eradicate Genocide, and Susan G. Komen for the cure, a national series breast cancer survivor recognition program. Striving to exceed all expectations with courteous service and outstanding results, Arman knows that delivering unparalleled support through every stage of a transaction is what has made him the top producing agent he is today.
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