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Amberlyn Sinclair

Owning a home is a passion of Amberlyn's that was instilled from an early age. With a family who harnessed both structure and work-life balance in their home, Amberlyn's enthusiasm Real Estate grew. After spending seven years dedicated to a career in Early Childhood Education, Amberlyn knew it was time to make her childhood passion a reality! Her approach to working with a client is simple: Where do you want to come home to? What feels good? She knows first hand from her experience that the answer to those questions is crucial to the process. Amberlyn has been in the Atlanta area over five years now and is ready to get you into the neighborhood where you feel at home! When she is not busy helping clients find their place in the world, Amberlyn enjoys all the culture and outdoor activities her native state of Georgia offers. She also thrives on entertaining and sharing her own home with friends and family.


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