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Nicole Steinhart
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Why Clients and Team members like to work with Nicole:

“Nicole is a knowledgeable and a dynamic addition to our team. She is self-motivated to deliver results and brings a high level of enthusiasm to her daily activities. Her leadership and commitment to professionalism is evident among her colleagues and to other business partners. It is a great pleasure to work with Nicole”. – Sheila Sawyer

“Nicole has excellent interpersonal skills which are evident in multiple formats some of which are: over the phone, in person, and through email. Nicole was very forthcoming about the specifics and earnestly conveyed to me the positive culture of the company which have followed through to be true. As a woman of integrity she followed up with me in a timely manner throughout all steps of the process and never did misrepresent any information. I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity I have been given, but it took the proper person to initiate this opportunity and that was definitely Nicole” – Chris Browne

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicole for the past 2 years working in the same company. Supportive team player - that's Nicole! She is an intelligent and highly motivated person to work with. She has deep experience in systems and communications and is always focused to surpass our clients’ expectations. Nicole has always had a very positive attitude towards work, and will be a great asset to any business she is supporting”. – Justin Scales

“Nicole is a tremendous individual with excellent skills. She is very detail oriented, has great customer service skills, and knows how to handle difficult situations. Nicole was very instrumental in training me during my first 2 years.  Nicole is a great asset to any company, makes you feel comfortable, and has a way of making you feel like a friend, not just a co-worker”. – Brandon White

Education and Experience:

Nicole is a graduate of Career Growth Real Estate Academy and a licensed Pennsylvania Real Estate Sales Person with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services.  In addition she possesses her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science (Dual Degrees) from Temple University and an MBA in HR Management from Capella University.

After graduation from Temple University, Nicole successfully launched her career in the business field by becoming an Account Executive for a Staffing Firm in Philadelphia, Pa.  After 6 months, Nicole was asked to relocate back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa to assist in the development of a branch that was struggling in business clients and profitability.  Nicole was able to increase the clientele base as well as productivity of the branch and became a Million Dollar biller 2 years in a row.  This experience eventually lead to a promotion to a Corporate role at a financial services firm, where Nicole continued to grow the career ladder multiple times and became a successful, contributing professional.

When she's not working…

Nicole balances home ownership in the South Hills with a passion for walking, cooking, and hosting parties so she can spend time with her family and friends.  In addition, you can usually find Nicole at any local basketball venue any time of the year, where she is vigorously cheering on her son who plays on 3 DIFFERENT basketball teams!

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1630 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15241-1217
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