Linda Niederkorn
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Business PhilosophyBecome familiar with the client's hobbies and interests as well as housing requirements and wish list. With the myriad of housing options, lifestyle is a major factor when selecting the appropriate community and home within Green Valley. This is a big decision so presenting the client with the options available in order for them to make an informed decision is a priority.

Education and TrainingBachelor of Science in Information systems Analysis. Continue to take classes to keep current with the real estate market, opportunies and legal issues.Community InvolvementI love to golf and Green Valley is a great place to enjoy it anytime of year. I have been involved with the Country Club of Green Valley as its real estate agent and with the Womens Golf Association. In addition to being on the board of the WGA I was the Clubs representative for the Arizona Southern District for several years.

Personal Background

I owned an international consulting firm with my husband for 31 years. We did consulting to major banks and vendors in several countries. This required good communication skills and understanding of the latest technology plus interaction with a multitude of people in all areas of the clients corporation.

Experience and Expertise

Over the years we bought/sold approximately 30 houses for ourselves. That has given me an excellent understanding of what it feels like to be the client whether it is a purchase or a sale. Because of that I work hard to make my clients experience as enjoyable and easy for them as possible.

This is my second time having a home in Green Valley. The first was a vacation home and that was when I decided to retire here. I have been in Green Valley this time since 2012 and have the knowledge of the area and the committment to stay.

Communities I Serve - Green Valley and Sahuarita

I love selling real estate and meeting new people. Finding the right house or buyer is like doing a puzzle - you just have to get all the pieces put together in the proper place.

I am very enthusiastic, determined and focused on the things I like to do and real estate is right up at the top.

Contact Info
180 W Continental Rd Ste 100, Green Valley, AZ 85622-3597
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