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Tito Pedraza
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With a strong foundation in creative brand-building, and growth-stage business development, Tito is driven by strong intuition, and a perpetual curiosity. Having learnt the efficacy of merging bold creative + brand strategy at acclaimed New York agency YARD, Tito went on to oversee marketing + growth for Architectural Digest Top 100 architect Russell Groves. Here he refined his outlook on the intersection of architecture, design and commerce. He has ​worked as an agent & strategist at Tungsten Partners—a New York based firm best known for pioneering the development & partnerships of The Ace Hotel brand, as well as being a leader in ​placemaking​; the practice of creating ​place ​through the meticulous arrangement of tenant, community, art, & independent retail programming—while preserving its architecture + identity—and creating shared value for communities and investors alike. At Tungsten, he advised and represented residential & retail clients in hospitality, media, art, entertainment and technology. After having nurtured a bi-coastal practice for nearly a decade, Tito made his move west, and is now an agent of Compass in Los Angeles. Compass’s innovation & leadership in merging refined technology with an elevated experience is a natural fit—complimenting a solid foundation of parallel values. Tito is well suited to those who share an appreciation for the preservation and restoration of great architecture, and has developed the foresight essential to guiding others on what is often a highly emotional—and financially consequential—journey. He is licensed as an agent in California + New York, and specializes in representing home buyers, sellers, investors and companies regionally, as well as nationally through trusted partners. To complement his work as an agent, Tito is also partner at Alta Projects—a Los Angeles based interior design studio and hospitality consultancy founded by him and his wife—commercial photographer + designer Tawni Bannister. Here, he brings perspective through his take on ​experience design—​ understanding the importance of the sensory through composition, volume, light, sound, and progressively, automation. Originally from Chicago, Tito shares many of the characteristics of his beloved Midwest; friendly, tenacious and shrewd. He speaks fluent Spanish, and is passionate about inclusion, diversity and the empowerment of the Latinx community through education. He received his B.A. from the University of Illinois.
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