Episode 164 - ASK THE UNDERWRITER - THIS IS REQUIRED LISTENING. To be successful in 2019 you must know the apartment underwriting guidelines.

Every quarter in 2019, we will feature an in-depth conversation with a loan decision maker. Today we focus on underwriting guidelines with Fannie Mae. SVP, Chief Credit Officer- Jon Banyard and VP, Production- Fritz Waldvogel, both with Dougherty Mortgage, help you understand the benefits of working with a Fannie Mae lender. Fannie Mae offers non-recourse, longer term, permanent financing on stabilized apartment properties. Dougherty is a licensed Fannie Mae DUS lender-only 25 in the country have this delegated loan approval authority- from Fannie Mae You want to understand how building a long-term partnership with Fannie Mae will help you build your apartment portfolio quicker. Remember, in certain circumstances, up to 80% of the transaction could be funded by your Fannie Mae lender; isn’t it important to know what the specific guidelines are?

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