Old Capital Bonus Segment: Keeping it Real with Darwin German- “What could possibly GO WRONG in apartment investing?”

Darwin German is a PROUD apartment syndicator. He has been investing, operating and brokering commercial real estate for over 30 years. In the past, he has owned or managed over 8000 units. Today, through investor syndication he delivers housing to over 1500 families. He has over 400 individual investors and provides a living wage to his 50 employees. He is filled with great stories in owning and operating apartment buildings. In the coming podcasts, Darwin, will share some of those lessons he has learned. He is an open book. Today, in the podcast, Darwin will give you his background on how he came into the apartment industry. He provides a few educational pointers to potential apartment owners and operators and then shares a crazy story about his first apartment purchase. To contact Darwin German: Darwin@darwingerman.com

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