How to Use Video & Social Media to Become the Go-To Trusted Real Estate Resource for Your Community w/Krista Mashore

Social media and video open the door for many agents to make themselves known in their local community. But why do so many agents fail to build a following online? What type of videos get the most views? How can you use paid advertising to maximize your reach? In this episode, Krista Mashore, a top 1% real estate agent in the United States, talks about how she uses social media for her business.

You are the product. People are buying you. So give them a reason to click and say yes. -Krista Mashore

Three Things We Learned

How to repurpose video content

Each time you create a video, you need to set up a calendar that tracks where the video will be published and in what format. For example, from a single video, you can use a shorter clip for Instagram, a long form post for Facebook, a Facebook video, and a YouTube video.


Short, punchy videos work best

The more entertaining your videos, the higher the chance you’ll reach a larger audience. Length also plays a role. The shorter and the punchier the video, the more engagement.


The tools you need to put up a high-quality video

Putting together a high-quality video doesn’t take much. All you need to make sure is that the audio quality is good, the background of the video is intentional, and that you have good lighting.


Your primary goal should be serving the consumer, not selling to them. The less salesy we are and the more value we bring, the greater the chance of them buying. Put your name and your contact info at the end of the video, but don’t make videos about listings. Anything that happens in your community, you should be the first one to know and put it in a video. Community videos should be your main focus.

Guest Bio

Krista Mashore is a top real estate agent in East County and a social media whizz.

In her first year, she sold 69 homes. Since then she’s managed to sell over 100 homes each year, earning her spot in the top 1% of agents in the nation.

Today, she shares her knowledge and experience with other real estate agents using coaching and courses where she teaches her approach to success.

Feel free to check out her free resources here.

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