Marketing Ideas for the New Year: How to Blow Up On Social Media & Use the Campaign Effect to Cut Through the Noise in 2022

Social media audiences are bombarded with 5000 brand impressions across all platforms. As real estate agents who are vying for a slice of that attention, is it even possible for our messages to be heard or are we just going to get drowned out in all the noise? 


The good news is, you can still build on your authority and even generate cold leads if you play by the new rules of marketing. What do we need to do differently in 2022 to keep getting ROI? 


In today’s episode, the Roundtable talks about strategies that will help us really blow the doors off 2022, and the important foundational steps we can’t skip. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Content dissemination done the right way Warm leads beat cold $1 Facebook leads all day long. How do we publish the kind of content that adds to our authority? 


  • The fastest path to brand awareness and engagement In 2022, should you start a YouTube channel or go all in on TikTok and Instagram Reels? 


  • How to combat shiny object syndrome and focus on what gets us results With so many tactics being thrown at us, how do we focus on something we can implement and stay consistent with it?

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