Building Influence in Real Estate w/Fellow Podcaster & Investor Erik Cabral

When it comes to building influence in real estate, or any industry, for that matter, few tools are as effective as podcasting. Where else would we have the opportunity to not only position ourselves as thought leaders, but provide a platform for others in our network? 


The problem is, while the benefits of podcasting are undeniable, the vast majority of agents aren’t jumping at the chance to get started. What’s holding them back?


In this episode, we’re talking all things podcasting and personal branding with On Air Brands CEO and fellow podcaster, Erik Cabral. 


You don't have to have millions of eyeballs on your content to make a massive impact. -Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The benefits of being micro-famous What’s more likely to bring us tangible results: appealing to a mass audience, or niching down? 


  • How podcasters position themselves as connectors Could podcasting set us up as a valuable resource to other real estate professionals? 


  • How to stay consistent when putting out content Putting out content on a weekly basis is non-negotiable, but it’s also easier said than done. How can we make content creation a part of our routine and stick with it?


Guest Bio


Erik Cabral is the Founder of Media Agency, On Air Brands. A legend in the podcasting space, Erik first explored the tool when he entered real estate, and today, he’s passionate about educating others in how to leverage podcasts in their own business. A host, co-host and producer for a number of top-rated shows, Erik is also the founder of the innovative networking and podcasting event, PodMAX. 


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