How to Build a Business Through Relationships, Not Leads w/Terry McDaniel

Relationships are central to the real estate industry, so it’s our responsibility as agents to build connections with as many past, present and future clients as possible. How should we react when our past clients choose to work with different agents? What can we do to make sure we stay at the top of their mind between transactions? On this episode, industry veteran and the Grand Master himself, Terry McDaniel, shares how to build a relationship-based business. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Don’t be deterred when clients leave. There are so many reasons they may work with another agent that have nothing to do with us, so we shouldn’t question our abilities.

Instead of asking how we can make our clients lives’ better, we should be asking them to teach us how to do that. This shows our dedication more clearly.

To stay top of mind, have something on hand to give to clients so we have a reason to see them in person. This can be something small, like a handwritten note.

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