Here’s What We Can Steal From Top Performers Who are Crushing it During Covid w/David Greene

The events of 2020 have separated the real estate industry into two camps. There are agents who are crushing it and taking more market share, while everyone else struggles to get deals and keep their business going. 


Even though we’re dealing with the same market conditions and navigating the same challenges, some people are actually thriving. 


What most agents could rely on to get business has been removed, leaving the people who have invested in top-of-mind visibility to rise to the top. 


We can learn a lot from the agents who are succeeding in today’s market. 


They’ve built leverage in their business to maximize what they’re good at, and they’ve maintained a mindset of possibility. 


What are top producing agents doing right now and what can we borrow from them to implement into our own businesses? How do we create more freedom by building leverage and delegating what we don’t want to do? 


In this episode, BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast host David Greene returns. We talk about what separates the agents who are thriving in this market from everyone else. 


When you understand that real estate isn’t a job, but a business, and that you can choose the role you want to play in that business, you get freedom. -David Greene 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • The limiting belief that makes it hard for us to scale: We often feel a strong sense of guilt that we don’t deserve to just do the parts we love in our businesses. In reality, it’s actually not necessary to bear the pain of doing the things we don’t enjoy. It’s okay to take our own feelings into consideration and focus on the role we want to have. 
  • How to know when it’s time to scale: Time isn’t the only factor that determines when we should bring leverage into our businesses. Our energy is also a great indicator of when we need to scale out of certain tasks. When new leads start to feel like a drain, we should take action and hire the help we need. 
  • Why some agents are having the best year of their careers: With no open houses or the ability to meet up in person, it’s impossible to capture the low hanging fruit of leads. The agents who are already known in their market and capture attention via social media are taking more market share and getting all the deals.


Guest Bio


David Greene is a nationally recognized authority in real estate, top-producing real estate agent and team leader, best-selling author, and co-host of The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. He has a passion for teaching and helping others grow wealth through real estate. In 2016, David started the "David Greene Team" and became the CEO of the top-producing Keller Williams East County team. He has won multiple awards for production and teaches agents how to excel in building their business. An active real estate investor, David owns single-family properties across the county, shares in apartment complexes, notes, shares in note funds, and flips houses. He has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and HGTV.


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