How to Reconnect With Your Dreams to Reach Your Next Level of Success w/James Colburn

All successful real estate careers begin with a dream, but once we begin achieving our goals, we tend to fall out of the habit over time. Instead of thinking about what we want, we start sending our energies to what we don’t.

Focusing on what we don’t want isn’t the same as dreaming. In fact, by giving attention to the things we don’t want to happen, we end up attracting them into our lives anyway. When did we lose our ability to dream, and how do we get it back?

For agents who have accomplished their initial goals, this is a tough question. Does getting back into dreaming mean we need to start over completely?

In this episode, author of Resucceed: Create an Extraordinary Future While You Sleep By Using the 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual, James Colburn shares how to start dreaming again. 


At some point, we dreamed our way to the thing we’re doing now, and we can do that again. -James Colburn


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:


How to re-energize ourselves through our dreams:

When we stop dreaming about the future, it’s easy to get caught in one spot. Avoid falling into complacency by having more than one dream and setting goals for all areas of life, not just work. 


What we should be doing in place of writing to-do lists:

Instead of writing a to-do list for each day, formulate 3 personal questions. As we get into this habit, we’ll get better at asking the questions and ultimately uncover what we want to achieve and why. 


How to expand the mind by letting go of the need for control:

Most of us want to define our dreams quickly and exactly, but forcing ourselves to know what we want will only give us surface-level results. There is power in surrender, and sometimes we need to let our subconscious minds do the work for us.


Guest Bio:

James Colburn is the author of Resucceed: Create an Extraordinary Future While You Sleep By Using the 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual. As an Executive Coach, James is passionate about helping accomplished individuals ‘ReSuceed’ in all areas of life. James is also the Director of Business Development at John L. Scott Real Estate and a guest lecturer of leadership in a global context at the College of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Northwest University. 


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Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship by MJ DeMarco:

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