Why You Shouldn’t Be Imitating Everything the Top Producers Do w/Curtis Fenn

One of the biggest mistakes new agents make is trying to follow the rulebooks of top producers because they end up missing the foundational pieces. What are the fundamentals that just can’t be skipped when building a successful and sustainable business? How does technology make it easier to build the fundamentals in? On this episode, REDX CMO, Curtis Fenn shares why new agents shouldn’t be imitating top producers and what you should be doing when you’re new to the game.

Technology can help you expedite the process of building a network and database that can refer you business. -Curtis Fenn

Three Takeaways

What it takes to get to top producer status

If you’re wondering and worrying about where your next check is coming from, that’s not a business. If you want to have the life you want, you need to have sustainable and predictable income. Without that, it’s impossible to become a top producer.

Top producers vs. new agents

There’s a huge divide between what new agents have to do to become top producers and what top producers do. New agents are often given advice from the perspective of a top producer, who tells them what they are doing right now, not what they did in the beginning and how they got there.  

Why door knocking is still necessary

Most top producing agents still take the time to knock on doors to build their database, while a lot of younger agents feel that they are above door knocking. Unfortunately, without a database and network, you can never build a sustainable business.


If you want to get to the point where referrals just come in, you have to hustle to build a sphere of influence, and a network of people who will continue to refer you business. This is the part of the business that you just can’t skip or circumvent. Luckily we don’t have to do the exact amount of activities that the top producers have to do. By leveraging technology, we can speed up the process of building the database and build a sustainable business.

Guest Bio

Curtis is the CMO at REDX, a technology company that helps real estate agents develop sustainable growth with the best tools and practices for acquiring new clients. Go to https://www.theredx.com/ for more information.

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