WBP - The Key To Getting Really Rich with Sam Freshman

Samuel K. Freshman, is Board Chairman of Standard Management Company which performs real estate acquisitions, bridge finance, and property management. Active in real estate investment for 60 years as an attorney and investor. He has been an expert witness in real estate, legal matters,

finance, lecturer at the Stanford Law and Business Schools, chairman of a bank, title company, and a theatre exhibitor. Chairman Emeritus Stanford Professionals in Real Estate (SPIRE). Author of books and over 20 published articles, Mr. Freshman is working on a series on saving entitled "The Smartest Way to Save," "The Smartest Way to Save More," and “The Smartest Way to Save Big” about becoming rich on a modest income. Sam received a Stanford BA (Pre-Legal, (1954) and a JD (1956). 

  He speaks with us about syndication, scale and cap rates.




The Rundown

Principals of Real Estate Syndication

Getting Started in RE


Real Estate License

Bar Exam

Jacob Stern

Private Practice

Leaving Law

Expert Witness


Cap Rate

Early Mistakes

Buy & Hold

The Advantage of Scale

Investor Relations

Property Management



Selling A Property

Flip Model

Average Growth

Compound Interest

Pros & Cons

Doing the Math

Savings on Scale


Depreciation Pool

Market Cycle

Extra Innings

Compressed Rates

Student Debt


Bridge Lending

Find A Partner

Raising Money

Skin In The Game

Habits For Success



Due Diligence


Book Recommendations

Always Ask


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