Tuesday Tactical: 3 Ways to Get Better at Facebook Live Today w/Zach Hammer

Facebook Live is a great tool for anyone in the real estate space to use, so to maximize our results, we have to make sure we’re using it the right way. What can we do to connect with our audiences better? How can we get more comfortable with Facebook Live when we’re new to the space? On this episode, co-founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers, Zach Hammer, returns to discuss the 3 ways to get better at Facebook Live today. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Create the impression of looking into the audience’s eyes by speaking directly to the camera. This makes us more personable and helps the audience feel more connected to us. 


It’s not always easy to smile while talking, so practise smiling with the eyes. This makes us look much more welcoming to the audience. 


Practice makes perfect. Those of us new to Facebook Lives can rehearse by practicing with a small group of people we would be happy to get feedback from, or even by recording a live to be shared with ourselves only. 



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Guest Bio

Zach Hammer is the founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers. He is also the author of Why Your Website Annoys the Hell Out of Your Visitors. Zach is passionate about helping real estate professionals achieve their dreams by using his Local Celebrity Show model. 


To find out more about Zach, head to: http://zachhammer.me/#about




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