How The 80-20 Rule of Sales and Marketing Applies to Real Estate

According to Perry Marshall’s book, The truth about the big outcomes we get in business and in marketing is that they come from about 20% of our actions. The challenge is that most of us are inundated by tasks that don’t really move the needle in our businesses. How can we analyze and evaluate our time so we can use it better? What is the best and highest use of our time? On this episode, we talk about the 80-20 rule and how we can use it to our benefit. 

In sales and marketing, most of our results come from very few things we’re doing. -Matt Johnson 

Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Sales is not a process of convincing people to work with you, it’s a process of disqualifying who you shouldn’t be working with. 
  • If we go back and analyze our time, we’ll realize that there are things we could pay someone else to do for us. We can take that and build a process around it and pay someone else to do it. 
  • In business there’s just no way around having conversations with your ideal client. 
  • As real estate agents, lead generation and conversion are our highest value activities.  

The truth about business at any level is that there are certain activities that may not take up all our time, but unlock the most growth, success and profit. Whatever plateau we find ourselves at, the key to breaking through is freeing up time for those higher value activities, and then passing everything else to somebody else. Each stage of leveling up comes after we hone in on a higher value activity, and that concept rules and changes everything in our lives. 

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