Ep. 144: Finding a Kansas City Masterpiece with Logan Freeman

Kansas City is a resurging Midwest market seeing population growth, job growth, strong cash flow, and affordable rents. It’s no wonder out of state investors have turned to the market for strong returns. However, finding a deal and building a team can be a challenge from afar. 


Enter Logan Freeman, who is a real estate investor, developer, and agent who works specifically with out of state investors. After Logan got cut from the NFL, he discovered real estate and has helped clients close over 150 transactions. In this episode, he shares details about the KC market, how he cultivates an investor database and why he wakes up earlier than Jocko Willink. 


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Key Insights

  • Midwest boy started working at 14 throwing hay and cleaning dishes
  • Working with out-of-state clients to invest in Kansas City
  • KC has good cash flow, population growth, and job growth
  • Provides a service to help investors build their team
  • Represented a $50MM fund and since January 2018, has completed 150 transactions
  • Has a 90% close rate without of market clients
  • KC is competitive and requires a strong network of PM, sellers, and brokers
  • Likes LoopNet and CoStar, but having someone who knows why it’s on LoopNet is the real value
  • The ideal client is someone with a 1031 exchange - they have a clear timeline and urgency to close
  • 5 years ago, Logan launched a blog about personal development
  • Key to growing with investors: get people to know, like and trust you
  • KC is nicknamed the “Paris of the Plains” and “Silicon Prairie”
  • H&R Block and Garmin are headquartered in KC

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Bull’s Eye Tips:



Richard C. Wilson - Episode 104 

Whitney Sewell - Episode 121


Apparent Failure:

Being cut from the NFL and Losing his Father


Most Recommended Book:

Flip the Script by Oren Klaff


Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:



Daily Habit:

Wake up at 4:15am, go through high-performance planner


Wish I Knew Starting Out:

Be open to listening more


Advice to College Student:

Read a lot of books and spend time with people who are where you want to be


Advice to Ignore:

Follow your passion


Current Curiosity:

How psychology and communication impact your output.


Best Place to Grab a Bite:

Jack’s Stacks BBQ


Connect with Logan:

Website: LiveFreeInvestments.com


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