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Apt-Guy℠, Bruce Petersen, is an award winning real estate syndicator, TV personality, public speaker, and business coach in Texas. His syndications have spanned multiple years and have consisted of over 900 units. Bruce was a stock broker in the early 90’s and after a long and successful career in retail management he has been investing in real estate since 2012.

    Bruce began mentoring others in the syndication, acquisition, operation, and disposition of multiple apartment complexes in 2014.

   Bruce’s passion is providing passive streams of income to investors by improving apartment complexes and creating communities residents love to call home.

   He speaks with us about syndication, mindset and bathtubs!




The Rundown

Student Success

Becoming The Apartment Guy

Marketing Yourself



1991 Stock Market


Hitting The Wall


Multifamily Education

Pay to Play, Pay to Learn

Abundance Mentality

Single vs Multifamily

Mindset Early Mistakes

Fiberglass Bathtubs

Empowering People


Trusting the Numbers


Teaching Others

Choose A Market

Learn Less, but Learn it More

Changing State

Investing In Yourself

Habits For Success

Scaling Tips

Fall In Love With The Process Reading List

Upcoming Projects



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