The Shortcuts Any Rockstar Agent Wishes They Knew About When They Got Started in Real Estate w/Candy Miles-Crocker

The road to success can sometimes be shortened if you put aside your ego and allow yourself to learn from others who have already made it big. What is the biggest misconceptions new agents have when they enter the real estate world? Should you just take any listing in the beginning? Why do negotiation sounds so scary for most people, and how can you get better at them? In this episode, Candy Miles-Crocker talks about the biggest mistakes new agents make and what shortcuts she wishes she knew about when she started out.

You don’t want to take any listing. Not all listings are good listings, and not all money is good money. -Candy Miles-Crocker

Three Things We Learned

Treat real estate like job

Many people get into the real estate business looking for freedom. They want to enjoy a more flexible schedule. But they end up not taking real estate seriously. They don’t put in the hours, nor do they make enough calls. New agents need to learn to treat real estate like a job. You  can’t afford to slack in real estate. You either work and take the commission or you fail altogether. In this industry, the sky's the limit. But to reach it, you have to put in the work.

Don’t take any listing that comes your way

Many new agents are desperate enough to take any listing, even when they know that the property is overpriced and the seller unreasonable. You don’t want to take a listing that has very small chance of selling. This wastes your time when you could be working on something else.

Negotiating is part of everyday life

You probably negotiate every day without even putting too much thought into it. Many beginners make the mistake of assuming that people aren’t willing to negotiate. Rejection is part of the everyday life of an agent, but if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

Many beginners, out of fear that they won’t get another listing, take whatever comes their way even if the chances of the property to sell are very slim. No matter how much you try to promote a house, when the price is too high, it won’t sell. Buyers today are too savvy to be tricked into buying an overpriced home. They can search online to find out what other homes of the same size and in the same area cost. You have to be honest with the sellers from the beginning when it comes to the real value of their home, and if they don’t change their minds, there is no need for you to waste your time with overpriced properties.

Guest Bio

Candy Miles-Crocker has over 17 years of experience in real estate. She’s a real estate agent who closed 14 sales in her first year, only to see the numbers climb higher and higher over in the following years. In the present, Candy helps new real estate agents get the training she would have liked to have when she started out. If you want to take a sneak peak at what she teaches agents, sign up for her free email course.

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