The Rich are Getting Richer - And You Can Too (Part Deux!) w/Chris Naugle

The market may be doing relatively well at the moment, but a dip is inevitable at some point. The question we should be asking ourselves is, are we ready for it? The wealthy most certainly are.

Throughout time, the rich have managed to maintain control over their money, no matter the circumstances. What are they doing that the rest of us aren’t, and what’s stopping us from following their lead? 

Where are so many of us going wrong with our investments in the first place?

In this episode, America’s #1 Money Mentor, Chris Naugle returns for part 2 of what the rich are doing to get richer. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to apply the logic of buying low and selling high, NOW: The real estate market is still in a great place at the moment, but it will take a dip at some point. Seize the opportunity to sell high now, and re-enter the space once the market has evened out.
  • What to do with cash while we wait for the market to drop: Cash is always at risk of inflation, so it makes sense that many people are hesitant about hanging onto it after selling assets. Until the real estate market slows down, it’s a wise idea to keep money in a specially-designed whole life policy. 
  • Why we need to change the way we approach investing: We’re gamblers by nature, and that’s why most people hang onto their investments for as long as possible. The problem is, hanging on too long can end up costing us way more, so set rules of engagement, and stick to them. 


Guest Bio:

Chris Naugle is America’s #1 Money Mentor. Over the last 20 years, he's built and owned 16 companies, and his businesses have been featured in media platforms including Forbes, ABC, and House Hunters. Today, in addition to being the Money Mentor for The Money Multiplier, Chris is co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy™ and founder of The Money School™. Chris is the author of The Private Money Guide and Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery, and host of the Real Estate Money School podcast. 


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