The Number One Lead Gen System Nobody's Talking About w/Nick Sakkis

Real estate is a people-based business, yet it’s easy to forget about this aspect when lead gen is now dominated by platforms like Zillow. What’s the biggest source of high-quality leads? How can you grow your database by partnering up with local businesses? What will the new shift in real estate bring, and why shouldn’t we be dependent on online lead gen platforms? In this episode, Nick Sakkis reveals the one lead gen system we should be paying more attention to.

You can be brand new in your market and never sold a deal in your life, but when you start partnering up with with local businesses, you growth hack their audience. -Nick Sakkis

Three Things We Learned

The biggest source of quality leads is relationships

Making friends and building relationships, even on social media, is one of the best ways to generate leads. Very few people are interested in videos about what direction the market is going in and real estate stats. If you get active on social media groups with the purpose of making friends instead of promoting your business, you have a higher chance of receiving a call when someone wants to sell or buy a property.

How to get discount cards from businesses

Discount cards are a great way to help people remember you, and they aren’t that hard to get either. Business owners pay quite a bit to Groupon in order to advertise their products. If you don’t take a percentage out of their earnings, they’ll often be more than happy to be interviewed by you and allow you to make discount cards in their name.

Set up a draw for a free vacation at open houses

Big companies have been doing this for years: offering high incentives for people to look into their products or services, or high incentives for referrals. Real estate agents can do the same at a smaller scale to provide incentives for their past clients and get referrals.


If you’re brand new and haven’t made a deal in your life, partnering up with businesses, interviewing business owners, and handing out discounts puts you in front of their audience. Their database quickly becomes your database because they see you talking about the things they love. As a result, you can quickly scale your database by leveraging local businesses.

Guest Bio

Nick Sakkis is the co-founder of the Sakkis group and a digital marketing whizz. He used social media groups to generate leads for his business, and he now teaches other agents how they can create lead generation machines on a bootstrapped budget at Nick is also the creator of Reconnect, an app that helps agents stay in touch with their database and get more referrals.

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